Allison To

1.Why did you try kickboxing?

AT: I was interested in some form of workout and my friend was telling me about what a great exercise kickboxing was. So my sister bought me a groupon when CKO first opened. After the first class, I was hooked!

2. How long have you been a member of CKO Miramar?

AT: I have been with CKO since 2012 when the gym first opened!! I love this place and their workouts!!!

3. Do you have a favorite combo on the bag?

AT: Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, round house right, round house left.

4. Outside of kickboxing, what do you do for fun?

AT: I love traveling to other countries and national parks. I also like a lot of outdoor activities, such as road and mountain biking, hiking and kayaking.

5. What is your profession?

AT: I have been a trauma nurse at Scripps Mercy hospital for 11 years!

6. Favorite food? Favorite junk food?

AT: I love all type of food!! My favorite junk food is chocolate.

7. What advice would you give someone about trying CKO Miramar?

AT: I would say give it a try! Don’t worry about anything or anyone and focus on yourself when you workout. These workouts can also be modified for you. Every exercise levels are welcomed.  The community at CKO is so warm, friendly and inviting with no room for judgement! I’d be happy to be your workout buddy if you need that extra push towards your lifelong goals for healthy living!

8. Fun fact about you..

AT: I have 3 black cats!

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