Member Spotlight- Danielle Castillo

How did you get into kickboxing? How did you hear about CKO?

DC: I was working out at LA fitness and classes were quite boring. So, I wanted to try something new to motivate myself to workout. I had always enjoyed kickboxing when I had taken classes at the gym. SO I googled kickboxing gyms in my area and found CKO. I tried out a class here and really enjoyed it.

What benefits have you seen from working out here compared to your previous gym experiences?


DC: It has been very motivating to work out in a group setting, comparatively to working out by myself. Overall the experience is more personal, because I have others working out around me pushes me to do more. I am more motivated to workout, and to workout more often because it is fun.

Do you have a favorite exercise to do during class?

DC: I don’t necessarily have a favorite exercise, however, I do like being pushed, the more the better it is. Also, the more people around me who are pushing the better it is.

What advice would you give someone who is nervous about starting kickboxing?

DC: Come try it! Everyone at CKO Miramar is nice and the workout kicks your butt!

CKO Miramar

7094 Miramar Rd #116
San Diego, CA 92121

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