Member Spotlight- Maaz Abdul Suboor


Why did you try kickboxing?

I made a new years resolution back in December 2019 that I would learn a skill and stay active doing so. Kickboxing was something that I always wanted to try and finally decided to give it a shot. CKO kickboxing has offered me that platform and I am learning a new move everyday.

How long have you been a member of CKO Miramar? – Since January 2020.

Do you have a favorite combo on the bag? – Yes, you can never go wrong with Jab-Cross-Hook-Hook-Push kick-Knee.

Outside of kickboxing, what do you do for fun? – I am down for archery any day of the week…. love shooting arrows.

What is your profession? – I work in a construction company as a Project Engineer.

Favorite food? – Chicken braised with yougurt sauce and garlic naan bread. Favorite junk food? – Chicken Fajita Pizza and Baklava.

What advice would you give someone about trying CKO Miramar? – CKO Miramar is a goal oriented yet fun filled gym that is reaching out to the community in more ways than one. CKO Miramar’s enthusiasm and passion towards their trainees is remarkable. If you want to learn some moves from motivated trainers, build strength, and get that stress out…. try CKO Miramar.

Fun fact about you.. – I am cook some amazing Indian food. I am not an iPhone person.


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