Member Spotlight- Patti Melban

Why did you try kickboxing?

When I retired in June 2018, I knew I needed to do some type of activity to keep moving.  I started out with yoga because I had done that in the past.  I tried a few kickboxing classes and found they were so much fun! I got hooked pretty quickly!

How long have you been a member of CKO Miramar?

I will have been a member for one year on March 3.

Do you have a favorite combo on the bag?

My favorite combo is double jab, cross, hook, roundhouse.

Outside of kickboxing, what do you do for fun?

Going camping with my husband and our dog, yoga, reading, crocheting and I love music!

What is your profession?

I’m a retired elementary school secretary.

Favorite food? Favorite junk food?

My favorite food of all is potatoes- any kind, any way.  My favorite junk food would be french fries (potatoes again) dipped in blue cheese dressing.

What advice would you give someone about trying CKO Miramar?

I would say – go for it!  I’m 66 years old and I’ll tell you I’ve never done anything like this before in my life.  Nor would I ever have thought that kickboxing, of all things, would be something that I would really love doing. You’ll see that CKO Mirarmar is not just a gym.  Speaking with Nancy the first time I went in was what prompted me to go back and try it.  Nancy and Cheryl are so welcoming and all the instructors are helpful, fun and let you go at your own pace.  It’s a good workout and SO much fun.

Fun fact about you..

A fun fact… I’m fluent in Spanish- at one time I planned on being a teacher.  I also have written some children’s short stories – nothing published, but something I would like to get back to doing. 🙂


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