“Down 3 Sizes!”

Jakki – CKO Santee Success Story

I’m a 37 year old mom with 2 kids in a family who loves to spend time doing everything outdoors!

CKO Santee is part of my life because it’s pretty much the best gym ever! It’s pretty simple it’s all about you and that real 125lb Heavy Bag. The trainers are fun, energetic, and always encouraging you to push your limits!! As the classes go on, you can see yourself getting stronger. Then you notice your squats are getting lower and your punching the bag harder, all the while not realizing that your pushing yourself and next thing you know class is over! There is this amazing mental calm and happy feeling you get after class too. All your pent up energy and negative emotions get taken out on the bag. It’s an after effect I did not see at first. But I’m a happier person over all thanks to CKO!

What Positive Results have you seen in your life since you started CKO?
I’ve gone down 3 sizes, the downside to that is having to buy new clothes!! But it’s not a bad thing. I have more energy and don’t have that end of day crash on the couch. Also stronger, as in I no longer struggle carting 50lb feed bags. I am also doing Spartan Races now!! I’ve truly found a family at CKO :)!!