“Sleep & Feel Better + Endurance & Strength!”


Describe Yourself: 
My name is Josie. I am 45 years old, married with two kids and two dogs. I am born and raised in San Diego and live in El Cajon. I have worked for AT&T for 26 years.

Why am I a Member at CKO Santee!
I love everything about CKO. The workout is never boring and the instructors are amazing. No matter how bad my day is, it improves 100% after class. I feel strong and healthy. The class at CKO is 100% what I need to be my best!

What positive results have you seen in your life since you started CKO!
I am stronger. My endurance is better. I sleep better and feel better. And for even just 1 hour of the day, I am in complete control and have regained a little of my bad-a** status! 😀