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Tonya – CKO Santee Success Story!

My name is Tonya, I am 55 years old. I work in the accounting department for a law firm down town. I am married with 1 son, a daughter in law and a grand baby on the way. We have lived in Santee for 26 years.

When CKO Santee first opened, I told myself try it one time and go from there. On July 18th 2014, I walked through the doors of CKO Santee, and I haven’t looked back since. CKO has changed my life in ways I would never have imagined. Meeting Brenton and Bonnie the first time, I knew instantly that I had found a gym that I could commit to. Each trainer at CKO is amazing and support you in every step of your fitness goals. You are never alone in your journey and you are never judged on your ability to perform any task. You are encouraged to be the best “you” can be and to always try and take that one extra step.

Losing weight of course is a plus, I have gone from 155 down to 127, but for me it’s not always about the weight as much as about doing something that I enjoy that also benefits me. I honestly look forward to going to class, and I feel even better when I’m finished. CKO has helped me tone up and strengthen my entire body. I find that I am physically more active then I was before and I am enjoying that feeling of accomplishment in my life.
CKO Santee has not only helped my physically but mentally as well. During life’s stressful moments CKO Santee has made it possible for me to handle these situations better.
Without CKO, I would not be where I am today, for this I’m extremely grateful.

Steve – CKO Santee Success Story!

Describe Yourself! My name is Steve, I’m 35 years old and an Engineering Inspector by trade, and an avid outdoors enthusiast by passion. I found CKO Santee in an effort to help me improve my fitness and allow me to better enjoy the many outdoor activities that fuel my life. What I didn’t realize two years ago when I joined, was how much CKO would change my life.

Why am I a Member at CKO Santee & What Postive Results Have You Seen?
When I started I weighed 279lbs and struggled with many life and sports activities. Two years of CKO later, I’m 72lbs lighter, a Spartan racer, an avid enjoyer of life and a much happier person. Has it been easy? Absolutely not! In many ways it has been one of the most difficult journeys of my life, but at the center of it all, is this amazing group of trainers and people that have become my CKO family.

The classes are amazing, and the best workout I’ve found. The people are amazing and help you reach your goals. The atmosphere is so positive it drowns out all negativity and relieves stress. My time at CKO Santee is one of the best parts of my day! I know CKO changes lives, because it absolute changed mine and has been a constant driver in helping me reach my goals!!

Kellee – CKO Santee Success Story!

My name is Kellee. I’m 48 and work as a Project Accountant for a large general contracting company. I’m married with 2 kids and have lived in Santee for 7 years.
When I first started CKO I was looking for something new to keep me interested in working out. I was tired of the treadmill & not seeing results. I found so much more once I started. Two years later I still love coming to classes. The classes are never the same & always challenging.

I have lost 37 lbs, double digit inches, 3 sizes. I’ve gained strength, confidence, friendships, stress management, a much healthier lifestyle. I’ve run multiple 5k’s and just completed my 3rd Spartan race. Something I would have never imagined doing before CKO. This place is more than a gym. It feels like family!!!

Jakki – CKO Santee Success Story

I’m a 37 year old mom with 2 kids in a family who loves to spend time doing everything outdoors!

CKO Santee is part of my life because it’s pretty much the best gym ever! It’s pretty simple it’s all about you and that real 125lb Heavy Bag. The trainers are fun, energetic, and always encouraging you to push your limits!! As the classes go on, you can see yourself getting stronger. Then you notice your squats are getting lower and your punching the bag harder, all the while not realizing that your pushing yourself and next thing you know class is over! There is this amazing mental calm and happy feeling you get after class too. All your pent up energy and negative emotions get taken out on the bag. It’s an after effect I did not see at first. But I’m a happier person over all thanks to CKO!

What Positive Results have you seen in your life since you started CKO?
I’ve gone down 3 sizes, the downside to that is having to buy new clothes!! But it’s not a bad thing. I have more energy and don’t have that end of day crash on the couch. Also stronger, as in I no longer struggle carting 50lb feed bags. I am also doing Spartan Races now!! I’ve truly found a family at CKO :)!!

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