The CKO Ten Week Transformation Challenge is a great tool to bring in extra cash-flow to save for rainy days or the summer months. Aside from bringing in the extra cash, it can help new prospects who aren’t sure if they want to commit long term into taking on a short term guided program that helps show them what CKO is all about.

We strongly suggest that you offer pad training sessions in this program so that the inclination is to purchase more sessions in the future. Additionally, we recommend that those who have been in a 10 Week Transformation Challenge should not have to pay an enrollment fee on a 12 month membership. We have two versions of the CKO Ten Week Transformation Challenge Booklet.

One has weekly topics to discuss and the other is open for you to decide which topics you want to focus on each week. Members of the program who feel connected with their coach and who have good communication tend to continue into membership immediately after the program. This is all about connection.

Take Back Your Body Burn calories with our unique one-hour fitness kickboxing classes.

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