3 Classes & Gloves $19.99

3 Classes PLUS Gloves Intro Offer!

Purchase THREE classes
PLUS a pair of our CKO Starter Gloves
for just $19.99!

This offer is available for first-time guests only.


The CKO Triple Play offer is available for first-time CKO guests ONLY and is limited to ONE redemption per customer within a 12 month period. For only $19.99 enjoy three CKO Kickboxing classes. Arrive 15 minutes before class to get fitted for your starter gloves (free with offer) and receive an orientation before the first class where a trainer will explain the kicks and punches used during the workout. This offer is non-refundable and must be activated within 14 days of purchase. NOTE: Change into indoor-only shoes and don’t forget a bottle of water (water fountain and for-sale beverages available).

CKO Hoboken

Street Parking and a Lot Nearby.

900 Madison St. Suite 2
Hoboken, NJ 07030

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CKO Triple Play! 3 Classes & Gloves! *For local residents and guests who have not been to CKO within the last 9 months.