What are your hours?
The gym hours are as follows:
M: 6:00AM – 9PM
T: 6:00AM – 9PM
W: 6:00AM – 9PM
TH: 6:00AM – 9PM
F: 6:00AM – 8PM
SA: 7:30AM – 5PM
SU: 9AM – 5PM

For a list of our available kickboxing classes, please head to this page!

How do CKO Classes work?

CKO Classes last 45 minutes and encompass a series of kickboxing moves and calisthenics combined with some great music and CKO Trainers leading everyone each step of the way! You go at your own pace with your own heavy bag and we help you with modifications if needed too. The goal for each class is to burn calories and tone muscle in a healthy, fun way so that you don’t need to spend hours working out each muscle group piece-by-piece.

How many CKO Classes do I need to see results?
While results vary with each person, we generally suggest starting with 2 to 3 classes per week. We’re going to give you a fair warning though: You might start to like it so much, you’ll want to go more often! 30 days will help you see results in the mirror and 3 months will get everyone complimenting you non-stop while you fit into all your new clothes. Our workouts are designed to be fun and work the entire body and mind as you make your way through punching and kicking the heavy bag. You’ll most likely wind up completing the class with some sweat and some really positive vibes (there’s a chance you’ll also wind up posting a selfie because you’re so proud of yourself – it’s okay – we do the same thing after we take CKO Classes too).

What will the CKO Class structure be?

All classes will last a total of 45 minutes and incorporate cardio-kickboxing, calisthenics, and some great music to keep you going! Each trainer has his/her own style and every class is always different so that you are getting a totally new full-body workout experience every time!

What is the procedure when I come in for class
For our current CKO Family, simply come to the front desk and use your scan tag to check-in!

For those new to CKO Hoboken, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to class so that we can get you set up and ready to go. You’ll need your phone to access our touchless entry form and then we’ll have a trainer give you an orientation. Starter gloves are required for class and are available for $20 at the front desk. These gloves would be yours to keep but you are also welcome to bring your own pair of MMA or boxing gloves to class.

What do I need to bring to classes?

We suggest a bottle of water and a towel to wipe off sweat. Please also remember that gloves and proper footwear (sneakers) are required for all classes. Remember to wear breathable, comfortable clothing and be ready to BURN those calories and TONE that muscle!

Can I purchase water at the front desk?

You can but it must be with cash-only. A bottle of water costs $1 but we cannot charge it via our systems so these must be cash transactions only. You are always also welcome to bring your own water for class too.

Am I allowed to come if I am not a member?

Yes, you can! If you decide to drop into a class and it is your first time, you will need to arrive 15 minutes early with your phone for our contactless new-guest system. All drop-in classes are $25 (but check out our 2 for $40 deal if you’re new to CKO Hoboken). If you do not have gloves, you can purchase them prior to the class for $20 (for starter gloves – they’d be yours to keep). You are definitely allowed to bring your own MMA or boxing-style gloves as well. Simply call us or message us on Instagram (handle: cko_hoboken) if you have any additional questions!

How do I view the schedule for classes?
The schedule can be viewed by clicking here: CKO KICKBOXING CLASS SCHEDULE

What if I want to use the 3rd Floor traditional gym?

All our memberships include the ability to use the extra 10,000 square foot traditional gym we have on our 3rd floor. It’s an extra perk at CKO Hoboken. Over the years, our members have referred to it as 9th Street Gym so we’ve adopted that nickname for it. While it does not function as a stand-alone gym, all CKO Hoboken members get access to it as a membership perk!

What if I am interested in Personal Training?

We can provide Personal Training with our Certified Personal Trainers. Please reach out to our front desk staff or message us directly via Instagram or Facebook.

Can I purchase a giftcard for a friend?

You absolutely can! You can purchase our 2 for $40 promotion for a friend who has never tried CKO Hoboken before or you can purchase a giftcard in any amount that your loved one can spend in any way at CKO Hoboken! Just call us at the number on top of this website, message us on social media, or talk to us at the front desk and we’ll help you get the perfect gift!

This all sounds GREAT! How do I sign up for membership?

SIMPLE! Just click or tap the button below!



* * *

We would like to thank the City of Hoboken, ShopRite, our Landlord, our Trainers, our Staff, and everyone involved in helping us bring classes to the Hoboken community. While we are referred to as a gym, we know that our time in Hoboken for the last 25 years has proven that we are so much more. For many, coming to CKO is a stress-relief, a community of friends, a support system, and a vital part to our physical and mental well-being. We want all our members and future members to know that we believe in bringing a positive outlet for everyone to move forward and grow together. Our mission has never simply been solely focused on exercise, but rather, on bringing hope and health to everyone around us.

With open arms, we proudly say, THANK YOU!