Why am I not seeing as many outdoor classes during the winter months?
With it being cold and rainy often, we had to cut back on some of the outdoor classes. If the forecast shows us that it’ll be too cold, snowy, or icy, we have to pre-emptively cancel the class. If you purchased an outdoor class and it is canceled, you WILL automatically receive a refund within 5 to 10 business days (depending on your card but most people have told us they get it sooner). Keep checking back for to our outdoor calendar for newly added classes, especially on nicer upcoming days! If you’re also looking for additional workout options, feel free to message us about our CKO Interactive Virtual Personal Training or CKO Interactive Virtual Group Training!

Will this resume my membership?
Nope. This is just something extra that we set up because, well, let’s face it, we all could use a CKO Attack Round right about now! All memberships will remain frozen until we are allowed to open regardless of if you come to these outdoor classes or not. Thank you to the City of Hoboken, our landlord, ShopRite, and everyone involved in helping to bring some light to our CKO members with our CKO Outdoor Classes!

How much is each CKO Outdoor Class?
$15. We’ve discounted classes from our regular drop-in rate of $20 to $15 for all members. This money will help us support the staff and business function of this program during this time.

How come I can’t see more classes available in the calendar?
To help keep things fair for everyone, we’ve made it so that the calendar updates on a rolling 4-day system. You can only book into a class up to 96 hours in advance. Please make sure to check the calendar and only book for classes that you know you can attend. Due to the limited allowable capacity, we cannot give refunds or credits if you are unable to show up to a class you’ve booked into.

How does social distancing work for these classes?
Each bag is spaced 6 feet away from the next with a maximum of 27 participants per class. You simply book via the calendar above, pay online, and then come to the check-in area. We ask that you wear a mask at the check-in area. For safety reasons, you are not required to wear a mask during class since we are outdoors.

How will cleaning and sanitizing work?
We will sanitize the bags with a cleaning solution that is stronger than the minimum CDC recommendation. The solutions is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. As an extra precaution, we ask that you not touch the bags with your hands, but rather, only make contact with the bag while your workout gloves are on.

Do I need to bring my gloves?
Yes, you do. Gloves are required for all CKO classes. We have some available for sale, but for safety reasons, we can not provide refunds once you’ve tried on the gloves. You should bring your own gloves to class. If you need to purchase a pair, you can simply contact us via phone (you can reach out to us via the phone number on our website) at least one hour prior to the class.

Should I bring anything else?
We recommend bringing a towel to dry off and some water if you happen to need it. Unfortunately, we will not be able to sell water during these classes.

What will the class structure be?
The class will run 45 minutes in total. The trainers will keep everyone performing different combinations and exercises at your bag. There will be no running or exercises that will cross over into other bags.

Am I allowed to come if I am not a member?
Yes, you can. If you decide to book a class and it is your first time, you will need to arrive 10 minutes early. Please contact us in order to receive instruction (you can message or call us directly at the number listed on our website). If you do not have gloves, you can purchase them prior to the class so they can be ready for pickup once you arrive.

What happens if it rains?
We will update the schedule each day for the next day as we become aware of the weather schedule. In the event of heavy rains or inclement weather, we will cancel the class. If you have paid for a class, we will issue a refund and you can simply reschedule or book into another class again.

What if I have a suggestion?
There might be kinks in the process since it’s new on our end but we will always find ways to resolve any new issues that pop up and improve any way we can. This new way of doing things is very different than the way we’ve been running for the last 23 years but that just means that we can find some great ways to grow with it! If you have ideas to improve or need any help with anything, just communicate with us and we’ll figure it out together! We’re proud to say that we have returned every single call, text, and message within a short time that we have had since the state-mandated shut down and we’ll keep being responsive to help everyone we can!

* * *

We would like to thank the City of Hoboken, ShopRite, our Landlord, our Trainers, our Staff, and everyone involved in helping us bring these outdoor classes back to the Hoboken community. While we are referred to as a gym, we know that our time in Hoboken for the last 23 years has proven that we are so much more. For many, coming to CKO is a stress-relief, a community of friends, a support system, and a vital part to our physical and mental well-being. We want all our members and future members to know that we believe in bringing a positive outlet for everyone to move forward and grow together. Our mission has never simply been solely focused on exercise, but rather, on bringing hope and health to everyone around us. With open arms, we proudly say, THANK YOU!


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