*After you sign up, within 1 business day, you’ll receive an e-mail from our partner, VHPGO, directing you to download the app and sign in! The e-mail will come from support@VirtualHP – check your spam folder if you don’t see it!


*Please note: We’ve left the original FAQ unchanged from prior to re-opening for your review! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime!

How do I access the CKO Virtual Membership once I sign up?
The membership is accessed via a co-branded app that contains the CKO Virtual Eco-system in it. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail from support@VirtualHP instructing you on how to download and access the app via the Apple or Android App Stores.

Is the membership contractual?
It’s a month-to-month plan. If you wanted to cancel, you would just give us thirty-day notice via e-mail. Call us anytime during business hours and we’ll let you know where to send your e-mail cancelation request.

What happens with my current regular membership?
All accounts were frozen and you won’t be charged for your membership until we reopen. Activating this virtual membership will NOT cause you to start getting charged for your old membership. Once we are allowed to reopen, you’ll have the option of continuing this virtual membership or setting it up to cancel – the choice will be yours!

Who is the app co-branded with?
One of our brand partners, Virtual Health Partners (or VHP for short), is working with us to bring you this app! Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a link to download the VHPGO app. After you download the app through our link and register, you’ll be brought right into the CKO & VHP GO Virtual Eco-System with all the great new tools at your disposal! We recommend setting your profile up so that the app can help tailor things directly to you!

How will live classes work?
Our trainers will activate the class that you can register for and take (within up to 5 minutes of start time). The class description will tell you if you need any tools, gloves, or anything extra. Classes last up to one hour and are guided by the trainer with music to keep you going too! You can use your phone to cast to an internet-capable TV, watch on your iPad/Tablet, laptop, or just prop your phone up and follow along!

Will I need a heavy-bag for class?
No, however, we can sell you a heavy-bag if you’d like one for use in-home. We have 3-foot ones and our standard 6-foot ones and can also offer private paid virtual personal training or small group classes for any person or group of friends (up to 12) with or without heavy bags. If you DO have a heavy-bag at home, you can also do the same combinations that are called out directly on it too!

What types of classes will be offered?
We’ll have cardio classes, conditioning classes, strength classes, and recovery classes! You’ll know if you’ll need anything before any class start time. Overall, just be ready with some water, a towel to dry off sweat, and that CKO energy level we know you have in you!

What if I miss one of the live classes?
It’s okay. You’ll always be able to access any missed class via our special on-demand library! The library will grow huge over time and you’ll be able to save your favorite classes/workouts for another time if you ever want to repeat one too!

Will there be a set schedule?
Yes! We’ve adapted the schedule so that you have TONS of on-demand classes that you can easily access with CKO Trainers from all over! You can access those classes anytime! We also have two live classes per week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30am! These live classes can be found via the app calendar and will always be added to the on-demand sections after a couple of days so you can still catch the class in case you missed it!

Will I need to book to be in the classes?
It’s preferred. If you book, the app will allow you to enter a few minutes late if you need to. If you don’t book, you’ll be able to jump into the class up to 60 seconds before it starts. If you miss the class, it’ll be available in the on-demand library within two business days!

How does a private class with friends work?
Easy, you can book a private class with up to 12 people for a small additional per-person fee. That class allows you to see one another and the trainer live during the class so that you can all work together on whatever goals you’re looking for from our available certified group CKO Instructors! This class is NOT recorded and you guys can have a fun group CKO workout together while still maintaining those social distancing guidelines! Feel free to theme it up with your friends too! We love the creative requests we’ve gotten for these classes!

What does “Unlimited Nutritionist Messaging” mean?
It means the app supports messaging directly with dieticians to help answer nutrition questions you might have. Think of it like an in-app text message that our dieticians will see and answer as soon as they can. Ask as many nutrition questions as you need!

How does the app tailor the nutrition details to me?
When you sign up, you’ll have the ability to answer a series of questions about yourself including dietary restrictions, foods you like, allergies, and so on. When you’re done, the app will only display things tailored to match your needs. If they change over time, you can always go back and adjust your information!

How do the suggested meal plans work?
The suggested meal plans are designed to fit ingredients you like and exclude foods you might not like. There’s also a recipe library where you’ll be able to pick different meal ideas and even watch tutorials on how to cook them!

Do I have to use the food-logging tool?
Not if you don’t want to. Keep in mind that it’s pretty powerful and not your average free app food-logging system. The information in the app is direct from the FDA so rest assured you’ll be getting some pretty high-end information and suggestions from real pros.

Will this app be available after you reopen?
Yes! Absolutely! This is something we’ve been planning to roll out for a while and it’s only going to keep improving from here! Future memberships, once we reopen, will have the option to add this on at our then regular rates. The pricing is currently discounted during the pandemic but will need to go up once we resume function (unfortunately, all businesses will have larger expenses to cover additional post-COVID-19 safety precautions and rising costs). The good news is that with us, if you’re on any membership, we’re locking you into that rate for as long as you have it so this $25 cost won’t go up for you!

How much does this cost per month again?
It’s only $25 plus tax. That’s it. Month-to-month. We support you, you support us. We made this as simple as possible and added every feature we could for you so you still have the tools you need whenever you need them!

How do I sign up?!
Click or tap the SIGN UP NOW button!

After you sign up, within 1 business day, you’ll receive an e-mail from our partner, VHPGO, directing you to download the app and sign in! The e-mail will come from support@VirtualHP – check your spam folder if you don’t see it!





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