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I am loving CKO! This has been my first experience with any kind of boxing/kickboxing/MMA type of class so I was really nervous about how I would do. I arrived ten minutes early for my first class, which meant I was actually late. They quickly checked me in and set me up with Andrew, the instructor. Even though he was pressed for time, he didn’t rush through anything and made sure he went over everything I needed to know to start class. Throughout class, he kept checking in with me and continued teaching me the essentials without making me feel like I was being singled out. I had a really hard time getting the roundhouse kick down, but he made sure I left class a pro. I felt like I was getting a one-on-one training session despite being in a room full of people, and yet it didn’t seem to take away from anyones class experience.

The class was fun yet challenging. You will definitely get a great full body work out while learning a new skill. I am already looking forward to my next class!

I was bored with my gym routine and basically plateaued with my weight. My friend brought me to one of CKO’s classes and that was it! I cancelled my gym membership and joined CKO next day. The workouts are super challenging but I get so much from them. My entire body shakes at the end (in that way where you know you just rocked it out)! It’s a total body and mind workout, I think of nothing else while I’m there. The instructors all have different styles which makes it fun. No two classes are the same. If you are tired of your routine want a kick ass challenge, I would highly recommend joining! I love it!

Love coming here! Everyone is super nice and inclusive, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner. It’s pretty no-frills, no-BS, which I love. The trainers are awesome and take the time to help correct form, modify, etc. I would definitely recommend trying it out!!

I have been a member of CKO since November ’18, and cardio kickboxing changed my life; no exaggeration. I have never been a fan of cardio, so the HIIT interval workouts of full-body compound movements and boxing techniques are awesome! This is a place for someone who is ready to change their lifestyle. If you make the commitment to yourself, the staff and CKO community will be there to support you!
I would highly recommend trying out a class if you’re thinking about it. I have enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken, but a few of my favorite instructors are Gabe, Lawrence, Miranda and Andrew! It also doubles as stress-relief because you get to beat the hell out of a heavy bag! 🙂

I’ve never viewed myself as a person into fitness but ever since my introduction to CKO Center City, it has become a big part of my life. I love coming here! The energizing music, supportive environment and last but not least some of the best staff…these things keep me coming back everytime. I recommend CKO to anyone that is serious about getting fit & is seeking a challenge. As long as they keep this up, I will never go anywhere else!

CKO Center City

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