Encouragement, Pride, and Support: That Is Why I CKO

August 8, 2018
​I am a 31 year old mother of two young boys.

I first walked into CKO four years ago with a dream of finally obtaining the health and body I had always wanted. Previously, I had tried every other crash diet, at home workouts, and spending hours on an elliptical at a time. It all ended with no results other than disappointment which would ultimately send me into a spiral of self doubt and disbelief. I doubted I would ever overcome the war I had set with my body.

I had my first son four years ago and gained entirely too much weight during my pregnancy. I had to do something. I had to prepare for my upcoming wedding and the pressure to do so was intense. I had to push outside my comfort zone and try something new. My husband worked crazy hours, and I was commuting to NYC to work on top of taking care of my baby boy. Eventually, I found CKO Kickboxing. To my surprise, when I checked, my particular CKO offered free babysitting. I knew that was the sign, that was what I needed to do.

I was terrified and intimidated I wouldn’t be able to keep up but still, I packed my baby up and took my first class. I remember halfway through class the instructor told me “there’s an athlete in there!” I felt things I hadn’t felt in years: Encouragement. Pride. Support. I was hooked!

CKO Kickboxing is more than a workout! It is a family of people who truly care from day one. I came home that day and I told my husband it was exactly what I needed and I wanted to be a trainer some day to help encourage others just like I had been! Flash-forward to today: I am currently down 57 pounds, and I am also currently an instructor at CKO Franklin! I wear my CKO gear proudly and with my head high! I am beyond proud to represent CKO Kickboxing and be a role model of health for my sons to look up to.

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I even participated in the CKO Transformation Show at Mohegan Sun. It was completely out of my comfort zone to be in the spotlight but I saw it as an honor to represent not only CKO but myself. It was exactly one year from having my second son that I participated in this and thanks to my dedication and CKO I was not only pre-baby weight, I blew it out of the water! From the day I went to the hospital to have my son through the CKO Transformation Show at Mohegan Sun, I had lost a total of 80 pounds! I walked on stage with my fellow kickboxers showing off how much work we had all done and the insane amount of happiness and infectious energy we all had. I stood with my head held high, shoulders back and the pure pride I had in myself and all I have accomplished. It was a day I well never forget and for that I am truly grateful for my CKO family.