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How do I book a CKO Class if I am not a member?
If you are not yet a CKO Member and would like to try a CKO Kickboxing Class, you can book directly through our Book Now link or by clicking here. Once you have booked, you will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss options. The booking reserves your spot since they are currently limited due to the pandemic. Drop-in classes cost $35 each. Gloves are required for classes as well and are sold at our front desk for $20 each (or you can bring your own). If this is your first time, check out our CKO 2 for $40 Offer above! It gives you 2 CKO Classes AND, for a limited time, a FREE pair of CKO Starter Gloves to keep as well! Once you purchase, a staff member will contact you to help you book your class or you can call us anytime!

What do I need for a CKO Class?
Boxing (or MMA style) gloves and footwear are required for all CKO Classes. We have gloves available for purchase starting at $20. For hygiene purposes, we cannot rent or allow anyone to borrow gloves for any reason. The CKO 2 for $40 offer not only saves you money if you’re a first-time guest but for a limited time, also gives you a FREE pair of CKO Starter Gloves to keep!

What should I wear for CKO Classes?
We suggest comfortable, breathable clothing that you can easily move around in and are okay sweating in. We know you’ll enjoy hitting that CKO Heavy Bag so just wear comfy clothes and let us guide you to the best workout you’ve ever had!

What if I’m new to working out or can’t keep up?
Everyone goes at their own pace and our trainers will guide your entire workout. You complete the combinations and calisthenic drills as fast or slow as you want! We even offer modifications during classes in the event you’re not comfortable with certain drills or want either an easier or tougher version of it!

How will I know what to do?
For your first class, or anytime you’d like a refresher, we ask that you show up 15 minutes prior to the class start time. We’ll go over the key moves you’ll need to know and show you what to do with our CKO Orientation! It’s a breeze and will get you smiling right before class starts!

Do you give water breaks?
The great thing about our workout is that you can take breaks whenever you want! We encourage you to bring a bottle of water with you but we have some available for purchase as well if you prefer. You can take a sip at any point during your workout!

How do I know what time your classes are?
You can view our schedule by tapping right here! We offer classes seven days a week throughout all different hours of the day!

How will I feel at the end of class?
Really, REALLY good and proud! It’s such a great feeling that we can’t put it into words! You’ll be sweaty and tired but you’ll know that TONS of calories will have been burned and your muscles will feel like they just got stronger too! There’s a good chance you’ll want to take a selfie at the end of class to show off or that you’ll be so excited, you’ll call and tell your loved ones how great you feel. We call that the CKO Effect and it’s awesome!

What are your membership rates?
We have a few different options and perks for members! When you’re ready, we’ll tell you about them! The best place to start is by trying out our CKO Double Play Special! We’ll contact you after you’ve purchased or go ahead and book the class directly on our site!

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