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EmpowerHer: Teen Self-Defense & Empowerment Program
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In today’s world, empowering young women with the skills and confidence they need to navigate through life safely is more crucial than ever. Introducing “EmpowerHer,” a comprehensive program designed specifically for teenage girls, blending self-defense techniques with empowerment strategies to build both physical and mental strength.

Program Overview:

  1. Self-Defense Training: EmpowerHer kicks off with hands-on self-defense training led by our experienced instructor Gabby Sifuentes. Participants learn practical techniques tailored to real-life situations, including escapes from grabs, strikes, and effective ways to defend against common attacks. Through repetitive practice and simulations, girls gain muscle memory and confidence in their ability to protect
  2. Body Awareness and Boundaries: Understanding one’s body and setting personal boundaries are foundational aspects of empowerment. Workshops and discussions within EmpowerHer focus on body awareness, consent, and recognizing and respecting personal boundaries. By fostering a culture of respect and self-worth, participants learn to assert themselves confidently in various social settings.
  3. Situational Awareness: EmpowerHer emphasizes the importance of being aware of one’s surroundings and recognizing potential threats. Participants learn how to assess and react to different environments, whether walking alone, using public transportation, or socializing with peers. By honing their situational awareness, girls develop a proactive mindset to enhance their safety in various situations.
  4. Strength and Conditioning: With a mix of strength and conditioning classes in addition to self-defense techniques, teen will feel stronger and become more empowered by learning new ways to incorporate exercise into a more physically healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of EmpowerHer:

  • Confidence: Participants develop a sense of confidence in their abilities to protect themselves and assert their boundaries confidently.
  • Empowerment: Through physical training and empowerment workshops, girls learn to navigate challenges with resilience and self-assurance.
  • Community: EmpowerHer fosters a supportive community of like-minded peers, mentors, and instructors, creating lasting connections and support networks.
  • Awareness: Enhanced situational awareness enables girls to recognize and respond effectively to potential threats, promoting a safer environment for themselves and others.

Class Details:

  • This program is for girls ages 12-17.
  • Classes are Thursday evenings from 5pm-7pm starting June 13 for 10 Weeks, no class July 4th.
  • Also includes 2 kickboxing classes per week (please see CKO Schedule to book).

“EmpowerHer” isn’t just a self-defense program; it’s a movement empowering teenage
girls to stand tall, speak up, and navigate the world with confidence and resilience.

We keep this program open to 10 females at a time, so save your spot here:

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If you have any further questions, you can call or text the gym at 805-210-5880.