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CKO 10 Week Transformation Challenge Classes In Las Vegas

Discover the workouts at CKO Las Vegas

Featuring nutritional guidance, CKO Personal Training, UNLIMITED Kickboxing, body analysis tracking, fitness tracking, and much more, this program helps to hold you accountable while giving you the tools you need to transform your body and life!

Experience the difference a kickboxing workout can make in your life. Get guidance from our trainers, support from the community & stay accountable – all at CKO Las Vegas.

Contact CKO Las Vegas our check our specials to find out when the next challenge is happening.


And we mean it! Kickboxing beginners are always welcome because our workouts can be completely customized to your fitness level. Don’t sweat it, before the class that is, we’ll teach you the moves before you start so you know exactly what to expect.


This isn’t your typical gym. The community at CKO Las Vegas knows that there is power in numbers. Lean on them for support when you need it, keep each other on track to crush your goals and drive momentum all the way to the finish line.


Almost more important than hitting the bags at CKO is how you fuel your body to get it done. CKO coaches will help you make healthier choices and keep you accountable so you can get the most out of every challenge. Get the results you want with tips and nutrition accountability.

Boost Your Immune System Get stronger, be healthier in our fitness kickboxing classes


It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but the best things in life rarely are. Our challenges are designed to target your personal fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight or build strength. You will test yourself like never before to achieve results you’ve always wanted.

Make sure you reach out to CKO Las Vegas to find out when the next challenge starts.


Since 1997, CKO has grown a massive following – and for good reason. Unleashing real kickboxing moves on a heavy bag gets epic results fast! Each one-hour class is designed to help you lose weight by melting fat and toning muscle, all while having fun with energized instructors who help you get the most out of every workout. Tone up, reduce stress and burn up to 1,200 calories in just one hour!

Ready to learn more about the CKO 10 Week Transformation Challenge, contact the team at CKO Las Vegas so we can share more about our exciting kickboxing workouts! Ask us  about the CKO 10 Week Plant-Based Program and our different challenges we offer throughout the year! With so many challenges to try, you’re bound to find your favorite and get into the best shape of your life in the process.

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