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Get ready to reduce stress and burn calories with one of the best cardio exercises available. Kickboxing training is a…

CKO Prepping for the Wedding Program

Planning on going to a wedding soon? Maybe you’re getting married soon? Either way, you and your friends are welcome…

Need More Info? Burn calories with our unique one-hour fitness kickboxing classes.

CKO Doral

3887 N.W 107TH AVE, SUITE 106
Miami, FL. 33178
  • MON: 5:45AM - 9PM
  • TUE: 5:45AM - 9PM
  • WED: 5:45AM - 9PM
  • THU: 5:45AM - 9PM
  • FRI: 5:45AM - 7PM
  • SAT: 9AM - 1PM
  • SUN: 9AM - 1PM