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I’ve been a member at CKO Laguna Hills for over a year now and every class kicks my ass! I have the attention span of nothing and get bored of workouts that’s NEVER been the case at CKO. It’s become my new addiction and I’m loving the results and how much more energy I have. The workout is definitely intense (like others have mentioned) and honestly has been the best full body workout for me!

The Staff brings a lot of energy and excitement to every workout, regardless of who’s leading the class – a huge plus, I don’t have to think twice about which class I want to take.

The cherry on the top for me is how clean and well kept the gym is at any give time.

Rahat K.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Every review is 100% accurate. I had my first workout on Wednesday(yesterday) with instructor Lavender and it was better then expected. It was my trial workout and when it was over I already made up my mind to join. I am officially joining this Saturday but I must say if you’re looking for a great workout you will find it here. Also the demographic is so comfortable and non judgmental. If you’re like me and not a gym goer, this place will make you feel very comfortable. If you’re looking to change your life in fitness then I highly recommend trying cko.

Steve P.
Irvine, CA

Hands down best workout ever!!! This is way more than kickboxing! This is kickboxing meets cardio, meets HIIT, this is a full body workout! Allen the owner makes sure you feel like family from the first day! affordable plans and amazing instructors keep you coming back! Allen,Sheryl, Chelsea and lavender will kick your bootie and have you wanting more! Allen and Chelsea have both transformed their own bodies with these workouts! Each class is unique! Great music, high energy workouts that burn up to 1100 calories per hour class and so highly addictive!!! You can take advantage of CKO Laguna Hills 3 classes with gloves for 19.99 or you can grab a Groupon or come on in and Allen will give you the first class free! I am on my 4th week and im beyond hooked! There is every type of fitness level in each class along with a “go at your own pace” attitude:) flexible class time, amazing people and immaculate gym makes this the best workout! This is a complete full body workout with high intensity cardio, kickboxing, abs, resistance etc! Cko Laguna Hills is where you want to be! After one class you will never want the regular gym again! Thank you Allen!!!!

Amy H.
Irvine, CA

One class and I was hooked!  I love everything about CKO.  The instructors are wonderful, each has their own unique style, and you never complete the same workout twice.  The class is an hour long with a combination of kickboxing and HIIT training.  You are encouraged to go at your own pace, however I am always motivated to push harder, the classes always succeed in having a positive effect on me.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting, there is no attitude, no intimidation, just great people working hard to look good, feel good, get in shape, and be healthier versions of themselves.  Also, they have perfectly timed evening classes that accommodate my weekly schedule.  Putting on my boxing gloves after a stressful day at work is the perfect way to relieve stress, and clear my mind.  One last thing, because I am 50, this class cured many of the menopausal symptoms I had been experiencing, weight gain, sleepless nights, anxiety, hot flashes, they have all but disappeared once I started taking these classes.  CKO is the best thing that has happened to me at this stage of my life 🙂

Shanda L.
El Toro, CA

Initially I was looking for a kickboxing studio that I could attend classes for.  I’m new to kickboxing so I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in classes. When I called and got more information, I learned about the 10 week challenge which includes unlimited access to classes.  The tools they provided included nutritional guidance, a weekly meeting with your coach, a notebook with instructions for goal setting, etc.

The whole program has exceeded my expectations for the following reasons:

1) The classes are AWESOME. They accommodate all levels of fitness and experience (I am a beginner so this was very important to me)
2) The people at the classes are very warm and welcoming (the staff & students)
3) The studio is clean
4) It’s easy to have success on the program because of the accountability factor

My energy level is already so much higher and it’s only been two weeks!  I’m SO happy that I joined this program and this studio because it’s an easy way to get in high intensity interval training and have some fun with it

Smita B.
Irvine, CA

CKO Laguna Hills

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