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12-Week Transformation Challenge
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If you’re looking for a change, we’ve got your challenge. We have limited spots open for our next 12-week total body transformation that will change your life. No fad diets, pills, or gimmicks, and no excuses. You show up, and our health coaches will show you the right ways to make being healthy a way of life.

Tired of diets and gyms failing you?  You’ll see the CKO difference with our 12-week challenge. You are just 90 days away from feeling the best you’ve ever felt, with guaranteed results!

No fitness prerequisites necessary, no matter what shape you are in, make “someday” today and reserve your spot now.

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What we need from you:

  • A commitment to lose excuses so you can gain confidence
  • Willingness to change your eating habits with guidance from our coaches and personalized meal plans
  • Be held accountable for 4 CKO workouts per week

What you’ll get from the 12-week CKO transformation challenge in return:

  • A personalized fitness assessment at the beginning of the challenge
  • A proven program that includes unlimited use of our CKO Kickboxing gym
  • A coach who will continuously work with you in improving your nutrition based on your individual needs (one-on-one consultation in a non-intimidating environment) – including meal plans, food prep and planning, personal check-ins, and more
  • Continued body analysis and measurements during the duration of the challenge (tracking weight and body fat)
  • Exclusive access to an online community for support, accountability, fitness and healthy eating tips, encouragement, and more
  • A healthier version of you!

Spots for this challenge fill up quickly, so reserve your spot today by setting up a FREE Introductory Meeting where we will go over all the details and give you some nutrition tips along the way!

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