Group Fitness Classes In Brooklyn

Group Fitness Classes In Brooklyn

Our group kickboxing workouts in Brooklyn provide motivation and support from our community.

CKO Clinton Hill cardio kickboxing workout is the number one fat-burning, high-energy exercise, with up to 1,200 calories burned during a one-hour class. Since our group fitness classes are for both beginner and advanced levels, each member can work out at their own pace.

Whether you have previous kickboxing experience or you’ve never hit a bag in your life, you’ll fit right in at CKO. Many of our members never practiced kickboxing before stepping into our gym, and now they can’t imagine their lives without it. To register for your first class, select your preferred time from the schedule and fill out your information online. Plan to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early for the beginner’s orientation. This will give you the chance to learn more about our facility, the workout and what to expect. We’ll get started by teaching you a few basic techniques that will make it easy to participate in the group workout.

Work at Your
Own Pace

Don’t worry about bringing equipment to the gym, either. We provide the heavy bags; all you need to bring are tennis shoes, loose-fitting clothes and water. You can choose to bring your own gloves, but we also sell them in the gym. Our staff will help you find a pair that fits well to ensure your hands are protected during intense exercises. After your orientation is complete, you’re ready to hit, and kick, the bag.

If you don’t have much knowledge about kickboxing, it’s okay. Our instructors design every workout to be adaptable, so you can tailor it to your fitness and skill level. We never require advanced techniques or moves. Members are encouraged to work at their own pace during the group exercise class. Our goal is to develop a non-intimidating environment, which is why we make our cardio kickboxing workouts fun. The instructors keep the focus on the fitness aspect of your workout instead of the fighting side of it.


Our group workouts are the perfect way to stay engaged and motivated throughout your fitness journey. We pride ourselves on creating a positive community comprised of driven individuals that share one common goal: hitting real heavy bags. Group exercise classes in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas are effective at creating a support system and accountability. Don’t go it alone at a traditional gym. Our trained instructors can help you reach goals in a fun way that makes our group kickboxing classes addictive!

Don’t waste another second dreading the hour you spend at the gym. Try a class at CKO Clinton Hill today and learn why thousands of other people have ditched the treadmill for an intense and fun-filled fitness kickboxing routine.

Burn calories with our unique one-hour fitness kickboxing classes.

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