About CKO Croton

At CKO Croton our goal is to help everyone take their fitness to the next level. When you come to our location, you’ll be in a supportive environment where you can achieve real results. In fact, the ads used for CKO Kickboxing feature REAL PEOPLE in the CKO World and the REAL RESULTS they’ve achieved through our high energy, fun, calorie-burning workout! At CKO, we make working out exciting and provide a sense of community for our members so that everyone can support one another in reaching their fitness and weight-loss goals!

You’ll be able to burn TONS of calories per class because unlike other gyms that have you punching air, we provide real heavy bags to get you toned while you’re having fun! Our classes are between 45 minutes and 1 hour and allow you to go at your own pace. Any fitness level, male or female, can take the class regardless of how much experience you have. Just book your free trial and come 15 minutes before your first class so we can give you an orientation that teaches you the keys to a great workout experience at CKO! *You do need gloves and if you don’t have your own we do sell them here.

We have a variety of different membership options to fit your lifestyle and we offer great programs geared towards your goals!

CKO Croton

48 Maple Street
Croton on Hudson, NY 10520

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