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Why did you join CKO?

RH:My parents were at the Miramar air show and saw Nancy and Cheryl were giving out 7 day passes and told us about them. After some time, Andrew and I finally had the time to come in and take a class. I was mostly looking for a stress reliever. Working with kids everyday it allows me to have the hour to kick the crap out of something.

AH: Rachel and I wanted a place that we could stay consistent and push ourselves. We felt that when we go to a standard gym we weren’t pushing ourselves to our limits.

What hobbies do you have?

RH: I love taking Zoey, my dog, out on walks and hikes. We enjoy the outdoors a lot, so we go to Mammoth during the year for hiking and fishing. We are also big foodies as well and love a good restaurant.

AH: I’m a huge car person. I love wrenching on cars. Anything that drives or flies really fast is something that I love. Additionally, I also like to make Youtube videos about cars.

What do you do for work?

RH: I am a teacher. At the moment, I am working with a boy with special needs to acclimate into the regular general classroom from a special ed classroom.

AH: I’m an industrial engineer for the Navy; working on manufacturing and industrial quality processes for all different aircraft components specifically for the F-18 super hornet and other helicopters.

How has CKO impacted your daily life?

RH: It has given me consistency. Working with kids can be unpredictable. But here I know the class is for an hour and that Nancy will be at the front desk. Whether I’m feeling happy, sad, or stressed, I know no matter what I am going to get a great workout and feel great afterwards.

AH: It is something to look forward to. I used to dread working out, but this is really fun. All the trainers have different styles and they all make it really fun and a really good workout at the same time. Rachel and I always talk about after each workout we are physically exhausted but mentally relaxed, that keeps us coming back.

Do you have a favorite workout?

RH: My favorite is the combo that Wario taught us; jab, cross, hook, cross, double jab, cross. (1,2,3,2,1,1,2). He taught me how to move on that double jab cross with my feet to the left, and I love it.

AH: The burnouts are great but I love doing intricate combos; the ones that require a bit of coordination. A spinning backhand is the best.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Diego?

RH: We are huge fans of Mexican places with good drinks and tacos; Costera or Miguels’.

AH: Going to the beach, whether it is laying out on the beach, kayaking, or for hikes along the beach.

What advice would you give to a new CKO member?

RH: At first, it is a bit uncomfortable, but after working through the initial discomfort and the initial bruising it is all worth it. You are going to have good weeks, bad weeks, and ok weeks, but you just gotta keep pushing yourself and improving.

AH: You may feel a bit overwhelmed at first because it is a different type of workout in which you work different muscle groups and will be challenged in a different way from a regular gym workout. If you feel exhausted afterwards, its normal. After a few weeks, you will get into it and it will become like second nature.


How did you hear about CKO?
BW:I was out with my friends at st. Archer’s [brewery] and came stopped by to check it out and soon after I took a class and fell in love with it.

What made you decide to come to CKO rather than go to a regular gym?
BW: It is the family environment that CKO has. There is camaraderie between the staff and the members.

Has working out in group classes made you more motivated to work out?
BW: Seeing other progress brings the best out of me. Seeing others make progress motivates me.

Has working out at CKO changed your perception of exercise and how it  can fit into your daily life?
BW:I am less stressed out because I am able to punch a bag. The instructor’s motivate me and bring out the inner animal in me.

Do you have a favorite exercise/ workout?
BW: Attacking the bag.

Have the people here, whether it’s the trainers or the other members made it more enjoyable to come into the gym?
You get to know the trainers has a unique style so it makes it fun to come to different peoples classes.

Member Spotlight! Meet Danielle Castillo!

How did you get into kickboxing? How did you hear about CKO?

DC: I was working out at LA fitness and classes were quite boring. So, I wanted to try something new to motivate myself to workout. I had always enjoyed kickboxing when I had taken classes at the gym. SO I googled kickboxing gyms in my area and found CKO. I tried out a class here and really enjoyed it.

What benefits have you seen from working out here compared to your previous gym experiences?

DC: It has been very motivating to work out in a group setting, comparatively to working out by myself. Overall the experience is more personal, because I have others working out around me pushes me to do more. I am more motivated to workout, and to workout more often because it is fun.

Do you have a favorite exercise to do during class?

DC: I don’t necessarily have a favorite exercise, however, I do like being pushed, the more the better it is. Also, the more people around me who are pushing the better it is.

What advice would you give someone who is nervous about starting kickboxing?

DC: Come try it! Everyone at CKO Miramar is nice and the workout kicks your butt!

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