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I Highly recommend CKO if your looking for REAL RESULTS. Jodie, Teena & Martyna are awesome!! after having 2 babies of my own I found it impossible to loose weight until I joined CKO with these amazing, fun, motivated instructors! They are truly amazing people and work hard to push us to reach our goals. Thank you CKO for helping me get back into my size 3 jeans, I never thought it was possible after gaining so much baby weight. If your looking to loose weight quickly and want to have a full fun hour of cardio/kickboxing I highly recommend CKO in etobicoke!! Thank you ladies ❤️

Abbie R

“I joined CKO in January to get me into shape for my wedding in August and it did! I had to take my dress in TWICE! Thanks to the trainers who pushed me when I wanted to quit! I’m so addicted!”

Being diagnosed with pre-diabetes two years in a row was the push I needed to finally get healthy after too many years to count of not taking care of myself. I began my health journey in February 2018 by hiring a personal trainer and drastically changing the way I ate. Whole foods, and smaller portions, became my new normal; as did being active daily, including running my first 5K in October 2018. By July 2018, after losing 80 pounds, I decided to search for an additional fitness outlet to introduce into my new active way of life. By chance, CKO Kickboxing was close to my work so I signed up for a free class and I was immediately hooked! Since joining CKO, I have dropped another 50 pounds; but what I have gained is so much more significant: strength, endurance, energy and, perhaps most importantly, confidence. Classes are fun, challenging and always they always vary. The instructors are knowledgeable, entertaining, encouraging and friendly. It has been an amazing ride so far and, while not always easy, I look forward to continuing to challenge myself while having fun at the same time.

CKO Toronto

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