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Londonderry, NH 03053

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With a mix of kickboxing techniques and calisthenics, our instructors are ready to give you the high-energy workout that will help you reach your goals and beyond! CKO Trainers are there to guide the class, keep an eye on the group, and discreetly offer modifications to everyone all while running a fun and effective full-body cardio-kickboxing class!

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Get yourself even more pumped up to take on a class with our exciting music beats. The music will keep you wanting to move just as much as the instructor while you punch, kick, and workout throughout your CKO Class! No two classes are ever the same with both combinations and rhythm!

03IconFull Body

Looking to lose weight? Yea, we got that covered. Want to tone those muscles? Yep, our classes do that too. Need to get rid of some stress? We give you a safe way to punch and kick a heavy bag. Our cardio-kickboxing classes workout all your muscles as you perform different combinations and calisthenic motions.

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You've got goals and we help you achieve them! That's the spirit behind CKO. We give people a safe place to come workout, make friends, and work together to reach goals together! We don't just workout in the gym, we hold special events, run different races with you, and do all sorts of fun, community-driven programs to help make memories that last a lifetime. We're known as the #CKOFITFAM for a reason!

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Looking to get rid of anywhere from a few to a lot of extra pounds? Our workout is notorious for just that! We've had thousands of CKO Member Transformation Stories from all over the world! We're also proud to say we've celebrated each and every single one! At CKO, we're about small positive steps forward. Whether it's taking 2 to 3 classes per week or jumping into our specialized nutrition coaching program, we'll help you get that weight-loss result you've been looking to achieve in no time!

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Listen, we get it. We know that life comes with stress. Let's get rid of some of it so you can sleep a little better overall. We give you a safe, fun way to punch and kick the heavy bag at CKO and it. feels. EPIC. You'll finish class feeling like you can take on the world! So, as we say at CKO, "take it out on the bag" and let that tension melt away!

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Do you want to experience CKO’s energy driven, full-body, cardio workouts as often as you’d like? If so, learn more about CKO’s Kickboxing memberships at your nearest CKO. Get everything you need for the look, lifestyle, and mindset you've been wanting with a CKO membership. Unlimited visits to our studio equal maximum results. Let’s begin the transformation today!

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What our members say about us

friendly staff, clean and comfortable facility.

Carey C

CKO Kickboxing Londonderry has done everything they can to balance a heart pumping, calorie burning 🔥 workout with minimizing risk through distance and air circulation. I can also say from my personal experience that CKO’s 6 week New Year, New You Program was the motivation I needed to improve eating, gain strength 🥊 and greatly improve my flexibility! GO CKO!

Paul P

My daughter and I did one class.. So far it was great. The hour went by soo fast.
If you are new looking ahead at classes and see they are full, call or text. They reserve spots for newbies!🥊

Jen R

Classes are fun and go by fast. I love the positivity of the instructors!

Allison M

Joining CKO- Londonderry was one of the greatest decisions I made for my mental and physical health. Following an accident in 2018, I was unable to lift weights and workout like I use to, this had made me fall into a rut and I completely stopped working out all together- that all changed when I first learned about CKO! Since joining, I have Improved my cardio, my strength and my overall wellbeing. The gym is a super friendly environment made up of great instructors who motivate you to push through your boundary’s and come out of your comfort zone. Your success is their number one priority.. Definitely the best choice I have ever made when it comes to fitness.


Classes are awesome! You decide how hard you want to push! Each trainer offers a unique style, plenty of classes to choose from, always smiling and they know everyone’s name! Love my gym!! The best hour you will have all day!

Jill B

Without a doubt a community oriented gym that cares about each athlete no matter your skill Level. Kind and Friendly owners who make you feel welcome every time you walk in the door. Challenging but respectful of doing what feels right for you and your body’s needs. Highly recommend!!! Encouraging and motivating. Do it for yourself! You won’t regret it!

Stephanie S

went to a free class, I really enjoyed myself. good music to work out to. nice people. over all fun.

Rebecca S

Love, love, love this place. The owners are awesome, supportive and do a lot to encourage you and make sure you’re having fun. The trainers are all awesome and fun so you almost enjoy getting your butt kicked during classes. I’ve met some great people at CKO! I’m not a big fan of working out in general but this place is amazing and I’ve really found a place I enjoy and will continue at!

Dawn W

Knock out gym! Kind and motivating. Owners Louann and Brian personalize your experience so much that it feels like your personal gym time. Diversity of music. Community feel. Care about your work out abs progress. First gym I’ve ever joined. Last one I’ll ever join.

Stephanie S

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone just starting out on a wellness journey, you will be welcomed and accepted into the CKO family!! This is what I love most about the environment here. Every shape, every size, varied ages of young & old(er), all in the same room, doing the same exercises at each owns pace and we are all seeing results. Come try it out. You will NOT be disappointed. In fact, you’ll probably get hooked!!

Toni M

I am loving kickboxing! You guys have created such a welcoming and motivating atmosphere this is the first time really since I was on the swim team way back when when I have felt this motivated and actually want to work out. I’m also already feeling stronger and happier so I appreciate it!

Taylor G

Very welcoming. Very friendly staff. Great classes. Lots of positive energy.

Ryan C

I’ve been to 3 classes just started this week. I absolutely love it. So much fun!
Everyone there is so friendly and willing to help you it’s a great atmosphere.
I would recommend it.

Kathy F

Love it , it’s an AWESOME workout!!!

Susan B

When you can make working out fun, ITS A WIN FOR ME! 💪 💕 I felt very welcomed from the 1st day, I have never been to a place where they actually check in and see how your liking the classes and actually want to help you achieve your goals! Every class I have been too has been awesome and I love them all, Conner has the playlist and LouAnns workouts really kick my butt and I feel great after! (Sweaty but great 🤪)

Monica R

Love, love, love CKO. All the trainers and owners are welcoming, accessible, accommodating, and fun! Definitely a great workout where you feel you’ve worked hard, pushed your limits and gained strength and stamina each and every class. Hitting bags is a good stress reliever too!!!

Wendy S

great place, high energy, wonderful staff. highly recommend!

Shari C

Motivating is an understatement! I was nervous to join as I have been out a good shape for some time and never feel comfortable in any public exercise space. I went nonetheless and am very happy I did. The Owners, Louann and Brian, along with their Trainers are incredibly supportive and offer excellent motivation for those in any physical shape. I would recommend this gym to anyone to include teenagers.

Linda C

I joined CKO when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life. Joining this gym family was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.
Get ready to become the best version of you with CKO’s support and perfect ability to motivate you.
There’s no intimidation at all. You’ll be surrounded by people of all fitness levels. When I get my workout I also have great fun. The owners will tell you that’s of the most importance when boxing

Janine L

This club has a great atmosphere, plenty of classes to choose from and is excellent for all fitness levels. The owners and trainers are top notch, the club is clean and well maintained, try it you’ll love it.

LeeAnne M

The trainers at CKO truly have the athletes best interest at heart. They take the time to get to know each of us and use that to help push us to do our best during class. The gym is welcoming and they are always challenging us to really work hard to achieve our goals. It is not at all intimidating like most gyms. The best part is I have honestly noticed a difference physically and mentally!!!

Diane V

Fast paced & great trainers. Always helping members improve their boxing while having fun

Donna K

Love this place. Such a fun work out with a pace for everybody. And there is always something fun going on to help motivate you! The owners and trainers are wonderful and I’ve met great people there while working out!

Dawn W

The owners and trainers truly care about their clients! Amazing people! Great workouts! Would recommend to everyone!

Jill B

So thankful for CKO Londonderry and there amazing training staff for putting on great classes and always motivating me to work harder and push harder! Being back since quarantine I have lost 16 pounds already! Strongly suggest to anyone looking for a great place to workout. Thanks to the owners and staff for making it clean, safe and all around amazing!

Kristi K

I started my kickboxing journey at CKO Londonderry about two months ago, and it was by far, the best decision I have made for myself. The second I walked through the doors I felt like I was welcome there. Louann, Connor, and Brian have helped me every step of the way. The energy in the gym gives me the motivation I need to give everything I’ve got to my workout. The staff knows each member on a first name basis and they really care about everyone’s well being. 10/10 would recommend.v

Katie A

CKO Londonderry is a great place! Owners and staff and extremely friendly, the workouts are great, and the community that you join is very supportive and nice. I highly recommend this for getting into shape and feeling great about doing it!

Ryan G

I love CKO! I feel inspired and supported. The staff is wonderful. Each class is different because each instructor is different. You go at your own pace. It’s hard work but I feel so accomplished at the end!

Joy H

Best workout club that I have ever belonged to. They are committed to helping us complete our goal. LouAnn Brian and Connor keep me motivated. Since the reopening, I have had no concerns as they have taken all proper precautions to keep us safe and clean. If I could give CKO Londonderry 100 stars, I would.

Caroline D

Awesome gym. Owners genuinely care about their members. Great workout. Prepare to sweat!

Jean M

I had an amazing first class! I can’t wait to go back for my second class. This really is the best way to trial membership, you’ll get hooked.


Attended a CKO class. The staff was friendly and courteous. I received guidance from the team before the class began on the basics skills required to participate in the session. The class was well structured, well instructed, and kept to a punctual schedule. Would highly recommend to anyone who is just beginning or has been kick boxing for a longer time.


This isn’t just a gym, but like a small family.  The owners are always looking to up their game offering programs, promotions, giveaways and they’re some of the most thoughtful and caring people.  I must say they have gone above and beyond since COVID with cleaning measures and health precautions.  Very supportive to our community and charities.  Great place!

Jen M.

I’ve only just begun my journey at CKO Kickboxing Londonderry, but I feel like I’ve found my new happy place!  I am having a blast! The instructors are phenomenal and the energy is awesome! I can’t wait to get to my next class! It’s a great workout and this place is clean and very well managed by an awesome family!! I highly recommend you give it a try with a free first class. You will be very happy (and probably a bit sore) that you did!! Thanks CKO!!

Stephanie B.

CKO is amazing.  The owners and trainers are great and absolutely anybody can do this class. The trainers will always push you hard for a challenging work out but they’ll also share ways to modify to better align to your capabilities
The class is made up of people who are in the best shape of their lives to middle-aged over weight Moms like myself.  I’ve always felt welcome and have enjoyed every minute of my workouts!

Dawn W.

I’ve been going to this gym since it opened in September of 2019 and I can honestly say that I am a CKO addict. The owners and the trainers are incredible and they actually know you by name when you walk through the door. The workout is awesome and anyone can do it! Not only are the owners and all the trainers supportive but you also get that support from the other members too! I can’t say enough good things about my gym! If you’re thinking about becoming a member YOU SHOULD!!

Jennifer D.

I’ve been attending classes at CKO for about a year now & the atmosphere is amazing.  The owners care about their members, the trainers are awesome & are always there to help.  Classes are structured for all fitness levels, the gym is clean and the class schedule has something for everyone.  Truly a family atmosphere, so glad to have found them & be a part of the CKO family.

LeeAnne M.

CKO Londonderry is the first gym that I have found that has motivated me to want to go to the gym and workout multiple times in one day. The owners and trainers are great and not intimidating, taking the time to show you how to get the most out of the class. The other members are great too! I look forward to walking up every morning and getting my day started at CKO.

Matt K.

Been going to CKO Londonderry since they 1st opened. Loved it then still love going. Awesome fun while working out. Very addictive. Wonderful owners & members

Donna K.

I’ve never belonged to a gym for more than a month or so. It was always so intimidating fir me. I have faithfully been an exercising member of CKO. I have seen and felt results and I love that the owners and trainers take the time for each athlete. I could not be happier with “my gym”!

Diane V.

This place is awesome. The workouts are fun and affective, and the staff is the best. Extremely friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend!!

Ryan G.

Cko Londonderry not only has amazing trainers but the BEST owners, they are always cheering you on every step of the way. I’ve loved going to this gym since February, it is always clean and comfortable. There’s options during class for every fitness level and to continue to challenge yourself!

Kelsea G.

After a year with CKO I feel the need to update my review. If I could add 100 stars, I would.
I have not stuck with anything for a year and fully gave it my all. Usually I will get bored and slowly trickle off whatever it is I’m doing. I am super competitive and that can die out quickly. Not here. Not with CKO. Every class, every trainer, pushes you more and harder the next time. To be a better you from the day before.
This has become such a huge part of my life and is truly a second family. Even during COVID and being shut down, there was so much effort, time and thought put in to keep us going everyday. To push through.
I am absolutely amazed with CKO and the love they have for each of us. I am blessed to have them in my life.

Amanda D.

Welcoming. First word that comes to my mind for this gym. You become a part of the community. Are always made to feel like an athlete. No matter your skill level. Trainers are encouraging but not harsh. Motivating. Always know your name!!! Don’t even think twice about trying them. It’s the right decision.

Stephanie S.

was in nail salon when I heard very upbeat music next door.  had to investigate.  walked into cko, seeing lots of people having fun , kicking and punching real boxing bags.  I signed up for the free class that very moment.  the owners/trainers are friendly, kind, encouraging and they do call you by name!   where else can you go, and have fun while working out?  thrilled I made the decision to sign up.  feel so much better exercising!  give them a try, you’ve nothing  to lose!

Shari C.

CKO Londonderry is a fabulous, energetic, and supportive fitness environment! The focus is on YOU and YOUR workout, and the team there is so encouraging! When you take a class there, you become part of a community! Highly recommended!

Heidi I.

Joined CKO Kickboxing a week ago and LOVE IT. The staff is amazing, workouts kick your butt and have you feeling amazing afterwards. So happy I took the leap to try kickboxing for the first time ever and encountering this amazing family owned business. Highly recommend.

Estefany G.

Started CKO Kickboxing and I am hooked! CKO has an amazing atmosphere and amazing staff that always make sure you are comfortable but also pushing yourself to generate the best work out for you. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a great workout or stress reliever.

Cody B.

The best gym and workout around. Everyone should come and try it. I was addicted after the first class. Fellow members are so encouraging and the instructors are all so motivating. Owners, LouAnn and Brian, genuinely care about every single member and will help you reach your goals. I’ve done lots of workouts and belonged to many gyms over the years. This is the best. And the gym is immaculate and following all social distancing guidelines.

Nicole S.

Joining the #ckofitfam has been great! This family run gym is filled with people who want to help you reach your goals. The encouragement and support is amazing. There is a great balance from the coaches of letting each person go at their own pace, but also encouraging to keep pushing for that extra 1% each class. The decision to take this hour for myself each day has been a game changer. Thank you CKO Londonderry!

Erin B.

Great workout, great trainers, great environment! Very motivating🙌🙌🙌

Katie R

I can’t express how much I love this place! Louann and Brian have an A+ in my book for ensuring their members get not only a great work out but overall excitement for helping people reduce stress and get healthy! Every one comes at their own level of fitness and they just push you to do your best! I might grunt and groan when at the jumping jacks and butterfly kicks but man do I feel great after and proud of my accomplishments!

Lindsay F

Best place around to get a full body workout!! Instructors are super motivating and the class is just plain fun!!

Jennifer T

I joined CKO 2 months ago and could not be happier. I was welcomed with open arms, have never taken any kind of workout class before and now I’m hooked! It is so fun! I finally have a place for ME and it feels amazing! All the trainers/staff are so personable and friendly and treat you like family. I have already crushed a few of my personal goals and can’t wait to keep crushing more with CKO by my side! I recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!

Kristi L

Great staff, amazing workouts.

Lori H

Another great class!! Burn those calories !!!

Scott S

awesome workout, staff is great.. definitely worth trying

Angeline G

I have never enjoyed working out. It was always a chore. I can honestly say that CKO has changed my life. I love going to class and have also went from a size 18 pant to a size 12 😀. Louann, Brian, Connor and all the staff are super supportive. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

Barbara O

High energy, hour long workout!

Nathan S

Such a great place! Great atmosphere. The trainers are amazing 🤩 I wish I had joined so much sooner

Jennifer M

awesome place!! I have so much fun going there everyone is so positive and their classes are super motivating!!! can’t wait for more xo

Sheena S

I had my first class today. I’ll definitely be back for sure! It was awesome! Totally recommend it if you’re craving some kick butt cardio! Love it, love it, love it! Thanks CKO!! 🥊🥊

Karla M

The people! They are the absolute best! They keep things clean, they communicate, they listen. This is by far the best fitness center experience I have ever had!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Stephani B

My wife joined CKO in Londonderry and pestered me to check it out. It was something new to me. I went for a trial, then purchased a monthly membership. Working out at CKO has built in motivation. The owners and staff are super friendly and their love of what they do is blatantly obvious every time I go. It’s a pretty awesome place with a comfortable family vibe. A big thumbs up from me! 🙂

Jim R