5 Keys for Consistency in 2019!

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5 Keys for Consistency in 2019!

Hey! It’s Brenton here, ACE Certified Health Coach and owner of CKO Kickboxing Santee!

Let’s keep it as simple as possible. Having a CONSISTENT workout & healthy eating routine is the BEST way to achieve & sustain long-term results. Sounds easy!

So why is it so hard to stick with a healthy eating and/or workout routine? What are the main reasons our efforts & results don’t last over time?

Here are five potential roadblocks to your long-term consistency:

  • STRESS – From traffic, work, your kids, your spouse, friends, being consistently “connected” with our Smartphones, etc., stress is awful for our health! It prohibits weight loss, effects sleep and is the biggest enemy of consistency because it eats up most of our precious willpower! Ever have a stressful day at work and want to reach for food or a margarita instead of going to your intended workout? Having a plan to manage your Stress is vital for consistency.
  • NEGATIVE SELFTALK – Most of us are experts at this. We put too much pressure on ourselves and think we must be PERFECT all the time. It’s called “all or nothing” mentality. Does this sound familiar? You start working out and/or eating healthy and after two weeks of not seeing the scale move, you say “SCREW THIS, its not worth the time, effort and energy if I am not going to see results!” We announce to ourselves that we are a failure and our old bad habits set back in! Having a plan for Negative Self Talk is critical for consistency.
  • EMOTIONAL EATING – Coping with food or “eating your feelings” is a real thing. Most of the time we do it and don’t even know it. This can really lead to A LOT of unwanted consumed calories and can derail lifestyle change efforts.  Having a strategy for Emotional Eating is a must to maintain consistency!
  • WILLPOWER CONSERVATION – None of us have an unlimited amount of willpower so we must look to conserve it and expend it where we NEED it. Bet you didn’t think resisting those cookies in your work drawer all day was the reason you missed your workout after fighting traffic on the way home. Managing your Willpower is essential to being consistent.
  • PLAN & PREPARE – In order to be consistent, you must Plan & Prepare for your week. When are your workouts? When are you going to Food Prep?  What are the Barriers that might stop you from food prepping or working out?  How can you overcome them? Planning and Preparing for your week are crucial for consistency!

 A lot of  “Challenges” or “Transformation” type programs don’t help you set a healthy realistic routine. They want you to think you need to make BIG changes! Working out twice a day or eating crazy foods every two hours. Dramatic quick fix programs create a Yo-Yo effect…weight loss initially, then weight gain after the program is over. WHY? First, the external motivation goes away. No one is telling you what to do and how to do it. Secondly, you can’t sustain an unrealistic routine over the long-term. Thirdly, and just as important, we didn’t learn to address #1-5 listed above.


You may have BIG goals in 2019 and think BIG changes are needed to reach them. In reality, a series of SMALL changes consistently executed over time will lead you to that long-term change!

So, do you want your efforts to manifest into long-term lifestyle change?  Make sure you address: your Stress, Negative Self Talk, Emotional Eating, Willpower and learn to Plan and Prepare.  LEARN TO BE INTERNALLY MOTIVATED!

As an ACE Certified Health Coach, I have the expertise to coach you through these areas.  I have a 5 Week Group and 1:1 Health Coaching Program that are open to CKO members as well as Non-CKO Members!

New Programs start soon!  Click here for program details!

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