4 Ways to Prioritize Physical Health in the New Year

January 15, 2023

Physical health is another part of the health triangle. And exercise is a leading contributing factor to your body being its best. 
As you prioritize your physical health, studies have shown that moderate exercise for an hour or so daily can boost your immune system—which means a 45-minute CKO kickboxing class is actually what the doctor ordered.

Here are four ways to prioritize your physical health in the new year (and at any time).


Put yourself first
Family, friends, and work all take priority in our lives (especially when it comes to kids). That’s why it’s essential to create ‘me’ time, despite some of the guilt associated with it. But putting yourself first is not selfish. It’s necessary. 

It’s similar to the oxygen mask instructions on an airplane—put your oxygen mask on first before you help the person next to you. That’s because when you commit to your physical goals, you help those around you by being more present, capable, and able-bodied. Just think of all the DIY projects or household chores you’ll be able to do when you feel more physically fit.


Keep it consistent
When it comes to improving your physical health, consistency is key. When you commit to two to three CKO classes a week and add in other physical activities like running, walking, or the gym, you will see an improvement over time. But be patient–results don’t happen overnight!

Rather than be results-driven, focus on repetition and follow a schedule. Try and stick to a schedule to the best of your ability. Life happens, but try not to get thrown off too often. Eventually, repetition will become second nature. And your consistency will play a huge role down the line.


Listen to your body
Many of our nationwide CKO locations have motivational phrases along the walls. And one of them is to keep going. But it’s also important to listen to your body. It’s how you know when to take a step back and when to push forward. To prioritize your physical health in the new year (and beyond), learn your body’s ins-outs-aches-and-abilities.

When are you tired versus when are you tapped out? Where are you sore versus where does it hurt? When do you need a light day versus when do you need a day off? When you hone into what your body is telling you, you’ll be able to achieve more of your fitness goals. It’s how you can separate that thin line between an excuse and a reason, between what you do and what you’re capable of.


Create positive affirmations
Along with the phrases on the wall, most CKO instructors shout out positive affirmations in class to keep the energy high and the fists fast. Another way to prioritize your physical health in the new year is to create positive affirmations for yourself (or steal one from your instructor). These positive affirmations will become that inner voice telling you to keep going and show up. 

You can create your own or try–“I can and I will,” “I deserve to work out today,” “I will feel better after my workout,” or “today I will show up for myself.” 

If you need help creating a positive affirmation, ask anyone at your CKO for some ideas. The next time you struggle to show up just repeat the affirmation, and you’ll be one punch closer to your goals.

When you prioritize your physical health, the dedication will trickle down into other parts of your life. Suddenly, a mild form of selfishness, consistency, being in tune with your body, and positive thoughts will all lead to a stronger, more empowered you. You’ll gain the confidence to tackle other hurdles in your life–from financial goals to personal relationships. And that’s a new year for a better you that you can be proud of!