How to Stay Consistent in 2023

January 23, 2023

Goals come in many forms. They can be financial, social, emotional, and physical. Or they can be all of the above. But one thing all goals have in common is that they need a plan of action in order to achieve them. And all plans require consistency.

Here are four steps to take in order to stay consistent with your workouts in 2023, that can trickle into other parts of your life as well.

Start the week off right

According to Google searches, interest in health is at its highest on Mondays and Tuesdays. That’s because the start of our work week acts as a way to begin habits or tackle tasks we’d rather avoid. Healthy behaviors are no different–we know it’s good for us but it can be hard to start. 

So when you commit to a workout or CKO Kickboxing class on a Monday, or Tuesday if it’s a long weekend, you’re more likely to stick to your workout routine the rest of the week. Over time, as you show up on the first day of the work week, it soon becomes effortless. And that’s where consistency starts to build.


Commit to a number

Once you’ve started your week off right, to stay consistent in 2023 you’ll want to commit to a number of days per week. While experts suggest doing cardio exercises, like a CKO class, five times a week, that’s on the more advanced level. Whether you’re just starting out with your workout routine or getting back into it, commit to two to three days a week. CKO Kickboxing’s full-body workout hits all the key muscles and steps without having to focus each and every single day to repetitive actions.

When you make a commitment and show up for yourself your workout will soon become something you look forward to. You’ll view your kickboxing class as something you get to do, or want to do, rather than what you “have to do.”

Monitor your mindset

Our CKO Kickboxing community is much more than a place to go for a workout. It’s a supportive environment that members tap into when they need motivation (it’s literally written on our walls). Because before you act, in any part of your life, you need to mentally commit first.

To stay consistent in 2023 it’s important to monitor your mindset. There will naturally be days you feel more motivated than others, especially in the colder, rainy months. But you want to avoid the pitfall when a single off day turns into multiple days or even weeks. To help, check in with yourself every morning. How do you feel today? If it’s an off day, can you make it a better day? What matters to you and how can you achieve your goals? With daily monitoring, you’ll recognize patterns, for better or worse, and have more control over them. It begins in your mind.

Track your wins

The most effective, long-term way to stay consistent in 2023 is to track your wins. This can look like:

  • Waking up to your first alarm (without hitting snooze)
  • Making it to a CKO class on a rainy day
  • Hitting your workout number for the week
  • Only taking one day off your routine, instead of two
  • Choosing a healthy snack over a processed or sugary one

When you feel accomplished in your small, every day wins you will remain motivated to continue. As a result, your confidence will increase and you’ll discover more ‘wins’ as the days, weeks, and months roll on. 

Through these four steps, over time, you’ll create a pattern that helps you stay consistent with your health goals in 2023. Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to build. And CKO is here to support all of your health and fitness goals.