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This place has changed my fitness journey for the better! The trainers keep me motivated to stick with it and push me to do my best. Each workout is different, which keeps things interesting. Best of all, I’m already seeing results after only three weeks or so. In between  classes I run, and I’ve noticed my runs are longer and faster as I’m getting stronger. Even though I was a little intimidated as a total newbie to kickboxing, everyone there is so kind, helpful, and encouraging, from the other attendees and the trainers. I look forward to each class and have recommended it to all my friends. Just do it, you won’t regret it.

My CKO Story – Carl Brinkman


I joined CKO in November of 2018 to take my life back. My lifestyle in the past decade led to prehypertension, sleep apnea, significant stress and life was starting to become a struggle. I decided in November that the time had come to make immediate changes, so I set a tough but simple goal of shedding 50 lbs by my 50th birthday in October #50for50.

Nick signed me up and helped me generate momentum, but I didn’t realize at the time exactly how my life was about to change. I followed CKO’s plan exactly as it was suggested. Not only did the weight come off, but the stress abated one punch at a time and my confidence in who I am also changed.

Things kicked into another gear when I joined a 5-week challenge to break out of a rut. The CKO team took a lot of time to analyze by exercise and nutrition habits and tailored a program just for me that I was able to follow at home and in the gym. They were supportive when they needed to, kicked me in the pants when they needed to, and the results were amazing.

Before the program, I thought I was eating healthy. With Linda’s encouragement, I changed my behaviors, began craving healthy options and turned that into lasting habits. Now, I feel so good with my healthy energy that I don’t look at junk food anymore.

The combination of the CKO workouts and nutritional support I received has given me energy that has helped me change not just my weight, but my entire lifestyle. I am a better husband, a better manager and I am more engaged with my family and friends.

So far, I have dropped 50 lbs in just 7 months, achieving my goal well ahead of schedule. Both my prehypertension and sleep apnea have reversed! While losing the weight to achieve my goal feels great, I know this is only the first phase of this journey. I am grateful for the support and community of CKO to help keep this progress moving forward. My CKO team works very hard to keep workouts varied and actively takes an interest my success. I am proud to be a part of this CKO family and I can’t wait for their help in setting my next goals. #50for50 !!

“This place has changed my life in many ways, it’s the best workout I’ve even done. TRAINERS! Monika, Nick, Linda, Dequan, Teddy, Jim, Alex. Christian, Eddy. These people will knock you out with their own workouts, will give you everything they’ve got and still have energy for one more round! Thanks to these guys, I’ve dropped 30 pounds, finished a rugged maniac competition, taken 4 insane classes in a day…maybe I’ll have my own class someday.”

“This is an amazing place with amazing people. I can’t think of a more motivating environment than CKO. My mom found this gym and decided to try it out on a whim and fell in love. It’s all I heard her talk about. I finally went to decide if I really wanted to join in January. I was an athlete growing up and I was always at a workout, in a gym or doing some sort of conditioning to prepare for a season and I lost that in my college years. This place is so motivating no matter what level you are. Unfortunately, I had been living a very unhealthy lifestyle for some time and decided it was time for a change. I feel as if Linda and Nick Lancetti are a personal gift to me. They are so motivating, selfless, amazing people I’ve ever met. They along with Quan and Monika (since I go to the later classes) have been the best team to work with. March 2018 will be my third month at CKO South Charlotte as a member and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I know this probably sounds like I got paid to write this, but I could go on and on about how much this gym and its staff mean to me. This is my go to when I am at my happiest and when I and stressed out to the max. I am even being leaned off anti depressants as I don’t even need them anymore because I found an incredible place of belonging. This is somewhere that is truly more than a 60 minute workout. This place is a family of people just trying to better themselves. Thank you for all you do.”


“I absolutely love CKO.

This gym is a complete game changer. CKO is about community, living a balanced healthy lifestyle, and putting in hard work on the bags.

I’ve always been an athlete, and a student of sports I participated in. There’s so much to learn about proper form when kickboxing.  You can work on your jab for your whole life and not perfect it. CKO lays the foundation of proper punches and kicks and gives you the opportunity to take it to the next level.

In one year, I’ve lost over 60 pounds and 6 inches on my waist.  I’m eternally grateful I’ve been able to share my journey with my CKO family.

I can’t wait to see where I’m at this time next year!”


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