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“This is an amazing place with amazing people. I can’t think of a more motivating environment than CKO. My mom found this gym and decided to try it out on a whim and fell in love. It’s all I heard her talk about. I finally went to decide if I really wanted to join in January. I was an athlete growing up and I was always at a workout, in a gym or doing some sort of conditioning to prepare for a season and I lost that in my college years. This place is so motivating no matter what level you are. Unfortunately, I had been living a very unhealthy lifestyle for some time and decided it was time for a change. I feel as if Linda and Nick Lancetti are a personal gift to me. They are so motivating, selfless, amazing people I’ve ever met. They along with Quan and Monika (since I go to the later classes) have been the best team to work with. March 2018 will be my third month at CKO South Charlotte as a member and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I know this probably sounds like I got paid to write this, but I could go on and on about how much this gym and its staff mean to me. This is my go to when I am at my happiest and when I and stressed out to the max. I am even being leaned off anti depressants as I don’t even need them anymore because I found an incredible place of belonging. This is somewhere that is truly more than a 60 minute workout. This place is a family of people just trying to better themselves. Thank you for all you do.”


“Joining CKO South Charlotte has been the best thing I have done! The workouts are great and the trainers are awesome. Trainers are ALWAYS motivating and full of energy that you take with you after every class. The owners treat this as a family and not a business. Best gym ever!”

“Awesome trainers. They’re like family. Unlike my experience with the gym I look forward to going to CKO. They challenge you to be the best version of you. By far the best workout in Charlotte!”

“I am so happy I found this gym! The instructors are great, the classes are like no other than I have experienced before. You will get stronger, you will see results!!! Best gym in town, seriously!!”

“I absolutely love CKO.

This gym is a complete game changer. CKO is about community, living a balanced healthy lifestyle, and putting in hard work on the bags.

I’ve always been an athlete, and a student of sports I participated in. There’s so much to learn about proper form when kickboxing.  You can work on your jab for your whole life and not perfect it. CKO lays the foundation of proper punches and kicks and gives you the opportunity to take it to the next level.

In one year, I’ve lost over 60 pounds and 6 inches on my waist.  I’m eternally grateful I’ve been able to share my journey with my CKO family.

I can’t wait to see where I’m at this time next year!”


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