July Member of the Month – Jorge!

Jorge came in with a high level of martial skill and over the past 7 months has used CKO to bring his fitness to an even higher level. Often coming in the evenings and taking back to back classes, his resting heart rate just keeps on decreasing right along with his recovery times. Humble in his abilities, there’s no doubt about what he can do. CKO is proud to showcase Jorge as July’s member of the month! -CKO







I joined CKO back in November 2021 seeking to improve my fitness and cardio conditioning. I have always been an active individual in martial arts starting out at a young age in boxing. I later decided to elevate my challenge to become a competitor in MMA in which I competed for several years. What I have found with CKO is motivation and inspiration which we all need to keep pushing ourselves. The instructors have been phenomenal and the training is very diverse since all trainers are unique in their style. However, it’s a great concept to learn from different styles which is an essential way to keep things different. My message for those interested on pushing their bodies to the limit is that CKO delivers a challenging workout routine that will elevate your cardio conditioning. It has been a great experience and a good way to make new friends. You have one chance and one body, so keep pushing yourself everyday! -Jorge