August Member of the Month- Genny!

Genny joined the CKO Fit Fam over two and a half years ago and since then has always been a light in our studio. We knew she was the ultimate powerhouse when we saw her throw her first punch. Genny continues to impress us with her killer roundhouse kicks and jabs. CKO League City has always appreciated Genny’s consistency, her dedication, and her positive attitude. Congratulations Genny!    



The very moment I walked into this gym 2 1/2 years ago I felt at home. I knew I was in for it since I hadn’t worked out in quite some time. I expected to find out that very day how out of shape I was and sure enough I found out within the first 5 minutes of Glyselle’s class. She kicked my butt! After that class I knew I had to join for the betterment of my health and well being. I was 44 when I joined and knew that I needed to get my self in shape since I wasn’t getting any younger. My goal was to feel better about myself, gain strength, lose about 20 lbs, adopt healthy sustainable habits and so I started making trips to CKO part of my week and committed to consistency. Being a member of CKO I have been able to stay motivated and exercise on a consistent basis. I love the fact that every trainer has different training styles and they are all so versatile with their workouts it just keeps me coming back for more. Since becoming a member I was able to shed the 20 lbs, gain strength and muscle. My endurance is just as good now as it was when I was in my early thirties. For anyone new coming in to CKO to start their fitness journey you must know that CKO League City is a whole family, we do take pride in calling ourselves “fitfam” and we welcome you no matter your fitness level. Come with your fitness goals and you will leave each class closer to your goal so don’t stop….keep coming…. you will get there! I keep coming back to classes at CKO because there is a healthy addiction that I have and no one will come between me and my addiction hahaha. And another reason is punching and kicking a bag is a total stress buster and it is cheap therapy for the mind. My one word description of my experience with CKO is “Success” -Genny Taylor