Can you spin the wheel faster?

September 20, 2013
As a growth minded fitness franchise, we receive hundreds of inquiries from individuals looking at our business opportunity. Many who look at buying a franchise in the health industry are driven by their passion for fitness. In addition, kickboxing and boxing franchises have a low start-up cost when compared to a gym or health club.

You don’t have to be a personal trainer or an athlete to be successful as the owner of a kickboxing franchise. However, you must be personally passionate about Fitness & Health, along with wanting to help others improve the quality of their lives through exercise. At CKO Kickboxing, if our prospective franchisees do not posses the passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, they will never be rewarded a franchise.

So here’s the rub, it’s possible to be overly passionate about fitness when making an investment in a fitness or kickboxing franchise. I use the word investment because that’s what this is and it cannot be approached as a hobby. You’re probably saying, ‘That’s crazy, why would someone invest $100,000 – $150,000 on a hobby?’ When you are overly passionate about fitness and just want to teach kickboxing classes, you tend to forget you’re an entrepreneur and one of your main jobs is managing income and expenses.

Allow me to clarify, I’m not taking anything away from teaching the best kickboxing classes available, but as the investor whose butt is on the line, you need to be fixated on the numbers (marketing, sales and expenses). Our business model will allow you to recruit and train as many instructors as needed. You need to keep them trained and motivated, so they can bring the highest level of customer service to your members.

In reality, we invest a certain amount of money on a business with the expectation that the investment will grow. While nothing is guaranteed and there’s always a risk, that’s the intention when purchasing a stock, buying an investment property or purchasing a franchise. So the point is, we are making a business decision, and business decisions are based on finance and making money.

The best characteristics of a successful CKO Kickboxing franchisee are as follows; you must be passionate about fitness, detail oriented, organized, able to execute a plan, coachable, accountable and want to help others reach their fitness and health goals.

Most of all, we do not want anyone interested in reinventing the wheel, just those that can spin the wheel as fast as possible.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Rich Rosso
Office: 800 489 1964
Mobile: 917 748 6420
Director of Business Development