CKO Kickboxing Opens First Gym in Florida in Lake County

CLERMONT, Fla., Aug. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/

CKO Kickboxing, one of the fastest growing health fitness franchises, will open its first fitness kickboxing gym in Florida in Clermont. The high quality, cross-training gym will open on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016 in the strip mall in the intersection of Highway 50 and Oakley Seaver Drive, 1500 Oakley Seaver Drive, Suites 6-7.

The family friendly gym offers Lake County residents an alternative to Pilates, yoga, martial arts and spinning classes. The 2,700 square-foot gym features 51 heavy bags. It is open seven days a week. CKO Kickboxing Clermont posts its kickboxing classes online. Classes run from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. so commuters can work out before or after work.

The gym is owned by franchisee Michael Opal, a former corporate executive who has a black belt in a traditional Japanese karate style.

“In my industry, everyone was stressed out all the time. But every time I went to the gym, I saw people were happy on the way in and happy on the way out. I wanted to be part of that,” he said. “I wanted to open something for adults. They go home happy and they get good results from it”.

“I wanted to do something that had a high energy, high cardio workout,” he said. He investigated several health fitness franchises and decided CKO Kickboxing had the right stuff.

“The fitness industry is always growing. CKO Kickboxing is new in Florida. I wanted to get in on the ground floor.”

Grand Opening
The grand opening will be held on Aug. 27th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Prospective members can take a free class. New members can lock in a special low monthly rate of $49.99, which is available only to the first 100 members.

The first 100 People who sign up through the Grand Opening will only have to pay the $25 one-time enrollment fee instead of the regular $99 Enrollment Fee. They will also receive a free pair of starter gloves and a T-shirt. The price after the Grand Opening will be $59.99.