Eleven Tips For Your First CKO Kickboxing Class

January 10, 2017

Here’s a rundown of some important tips for taking a first time CKO Kickboxing class:

  1. Decide to take a class! Go to your local CKO Kickboxing schedule page and book a class. The amount of people that come into CKO Kickboxing and say after the class that they regret waiting so long to try a class is incredible. The perfect time is now.
  2. You will need boxing gloves. Bring a pair if you have them, or they are available for purchase at each CKO Kickboxing location.
  3. Food is fuel.​ Eat a small, healthy meal about 3 hours beforehand. A healthy snack like an apple, orange or pear are okay up to an hour ​before class for energy. The general rule is to keep it healthy and light, and avoid foods that feel hard to digest or can ​give you heartburn.
  4. Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time for a beginners orientation.​ During the orientation, basic kicks and punches are covered along with guidelines to work at your own pace.
  5. Wear comfortable workout clothes. We will be kicking, punching and doing calisthenics so make sure what you are wearing will be comfortable for these types of exercises.
  6. Make sure your sneakers support your ankles.​ Cross-trainers are generally the best type of shoe for this workout since you’ll be doing all different kinds of movements. However, running and any comfortable sneakers are fine. The most important part is they should be tied properly. They can not be loose around the ankles or tied loosely.
  7. Keep yourself hydrated.​ Drink water over anything else for the one hour CKO Kickboxing class. Avoid chugging water, but stay hydrated throughout the class, taking a water break whenever needed. This is ​a great rule before class as well – and afterwards. Water helps you get rid of toxins, helps ​maintain healthy blood flow and reduces the amount of lactic acid.
  8. Go at your own pace.​ The CKO Kickboxing class is not competitive in any way. There is no pressure to keep up with anyone else. It’s just you and the ​bag. Everyone is so focused on what they’re doing that no one is looking around. This isn’t a ​workout where you’re sitting around staring at other people while they workout. Challenge yourself, but go at a pace that you feel comfortable. All exercises can be modified, or not done at all, if you feel any pain or have an injury.
  9. Adjust the intensity while on the CKO Kickboxing bag.​ Rise onto the balls of your feet to increase the intensity while working the CKO Kickboxing bag. This helps you in a lot of different ways. You don’t have to do it right away or the entire time – but give it a shot here and there. Go flat footed when you need to bring the intensity down while hitting the bag.
  10. Listen to the trainer.​ The trainer knows how to guide the class. He/She is giving you moves that gradually help ​develop you. If you’re not sure if you’re getting the combo right, keep going with a jab, cross ​combination until you’ve caught the entire move set. Feel like you want to tone it down? That is always okay to do. Trainers will often call out modifications, so listen for them and pick ​which one feels right to you.
  11. The CKO After-Effect!​ The CKO Kickboxing class is designed in high intensity interval fashion. You will continue to burn calories at a higher rate, and your metabolism will be faster for the next 16 hours or more.​

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your FREE TRIAL CLASS today!