Energy Level Up… Stress Level Down.

December 19, 2013
Here at CKO Kickboxing, we love hearing from our “CKO Addicts”, especially when they share their amazing results. This testimonial, from Sarah at CKO West Caldwell, shows that although weight-loss can be a major result from CKO, it’s generally only the tip of the iceberg. Read below to find out about Sarah’s journey in her own words. Congratulations Sarah!

I joined CKO West Caldwell in the summer of 2012 when my second baby was 8 weeks old. As a former collegiate swimmer, I had the endurance to get through the classes right away, but the technique took a bit longer. I had gained over 60 lbs in college, then yo-yo dieted before, in-between and after my pregnancies. Having two little ones at home, working full-time and going to grad school, I made every excuse NOT to stick with exercise. Finally in January of 2013, my husband and I committed to making a change & started going to CKO Kickboxing six to seven days a week. In five months, I lost 32 lbs and dropped to a size 2. I dropped 4 minutes off my 5K time within 4 months and completed my first half-marathon in September. Then in October, I completed my first Tough Mudder, with several instructors who had helped me along my weight loss journey.

My energy level is through the roof, as is my confidence, and my stress levels have been drastically reduced. My husband and I would switch kids in the parking lot just to make sure we got to class. Since joining CKO West Caldwell, I have moved further away, but continue to travel because of the strong relationship the owners and instructors have built with me.