How Everything Turned Around With Help From CKO

Transformation is a journey. One that many will desire but only a few will have the courage to take it. Go for it. See where the journey will lead you. CKO Kickboxing changed my life. Not just physically but mentally. Here’s how:

I was always the muscular thicker kid that was into sports but loved food 100%. Food was my buddy, my life, and my soul mate. Or so I thought. Once college ended and the countless hours dancing and running to the gym ceased, my weight climbed over 50 lbs… way over. I didn’t see it though, not at all. Not only was I chained to a desk job that stressed me out from morning to night but also my family life was in shambles.

Prior to my CKO Journey, my father was involved in a hit and run accident. He had multiple knee and spinal surgeries that left him unable to walk or work. In the midst of this tragedy, my mother lost her job of 25 years and began the job hunt at age 50 and received a ridiculous pay cut when she did find something. She then began having signs of Alzheimer’s/Dementia and soon was labeled “disabled” as well. We were losing our house and on food stamps because my post college pay check was not making ends meet.

It’s clear to say that the world was crumbling around me and food became my vice. I had no idea the damage I was doing but ate fries, chips, and every single comfort food you could imagine.

I began CKO with a coworker that insisted I needed to try this insanely awesome work out routine she was into. She was this strong independent mama that had two spinal surgeries and an amazing body. Mind you, I was close to 15 years younger than her and weighed nearly 250 and in complete denial about my obese state of mind and body. So here I am on my way to a class thinking, “I got this”. Yeah no… I took one class with her and nearly keeled over, I realized my athleticism was dead and gone.

Clearly I had to do something. I had never been this out of shape before. Ever. I was only 25 and couldn’t even do a single sit up or push up without wanting to hurl everywhere.

I knew this is exactly what I needed. I kept going back despite my body screaming for me to stop. The amazing relief I felt after an awful day at work and being able to battle each rude customer and an insane boss on that bag made me sane. Each round house released bouts of anger that spoiled my soul. Soon I found a groove, I was addicted going 6 days a week at least 2 classes a day. My body ached from head to toe and I could barely move from being so sore but it was the best soreness I had ever felt.

I was transforming. Not only was I feeling so much better, but I was also shedding fat like crazy! My body loved this! 5 pounds turned into 10, which turned into 40, which landed at 70 full pounds down.  I went down 8/10 pant sizes and could now shop at the mall when before I could never find pants ANYWHERE. I could now do pushups and run without feeling like my body was failing me. I was more fit now than I was at 18 years old.

CKO gave me a place to safely let out all my angers, fears, frustrations and resentments in a few hours. Every single day. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after each hour and how supportive the staff was.

I soon wanted to be an instructor but knew I had to step up my game and become the trainer I always wanted to be.  I took every single class out there and pushed my body to the limit. I saw my body transform and I wanted that for everyone else around me too.

I soon began training to be an instructor at CKO Franklin and it has been the best decision I have ever made. I now am a fitness instructor and have completely changed careers and teach as many CKO classes I can get into my schedule. Including 5:30am!

I wanted to be the person who pushed each member to greatness just like the trainers pushed me.  I wanted to be the best for them so they could bring the best to each class. I unknowingly became an inspiration for those that feel overweight, out of shape and/or just lost in their lives and want to try something new.  I cannot even count the amount of people that asked me about my journey and CKO. I will always say CKO is the best work out of all time for your mind, body and soul.

Then came the CKO Transformation Show at Mohegan Sun and I won an amazing award for a great transformation. Needless to say CKO has given me my life back. CKO has given me a place to let go of all the crap of the day and be a better person for the world and myself.

If you haven’t tried it… DO IT! Bring a friend or two. I brought my mom and now she is a 53-year-old bad mambajamba at the gym and EVERYONE knows she’s a BOSS!

CKO is the best workout, best therapy session, best one hour of my day. Have you CKO’d Today?