A little bit country… A lotta CKO hot!

This post comes to you from the CKO Kickboxing – Franklin Location

I absolutely LOVE this story, as it really shows that with a GOAL, DEDICATION, RESEARCH and the RIGHT workout, you can really get your body back after having a baby! Brandi has a full-time job, two young children (her youngest is only a year old!) and a hectic schedule that did not leave her with a lot of time to spend countless hours in the gym, or working out in multiple locations to get the weight off from her last pregnancy. Brandi asked all of the right questions and listened to the answers. Consistency, eating right with our Nutritional Program, and being diligent with our motivating full-body fitness workout will get you the results you seek. One year after her pregnancy, she has lost a WHOPPING 65 pounds, countless inches and has more muscle tone NOW than she did when she first got married.

In Brandi’s own words…
After tiring of the same old gym routine, I decided to try something new in 2010. After hearing about CKO Kickboxing, I took my first trial class and I’ve been hooked ever since. The workouts are extremely intense, but the instructors are very motivating. I began seeing results much quicker than I had in the past with my normal gym workouts. It took me a year to lose 20 pounds doing cardio at the gym, and just 10 weeks to lose 25 pounds with the help of CKO Franklin’s Nutritional Program. I knew I had found the key to a successful weight loss strategy in CKO Kickboxing.

I took a break from kickboxing while pregnant with my second child. I had my daughter in July of 2012, and after seeing pictures of myself and how big I looked, I decided I wasn’t going to wait a year like I did before. I started out slow by going back to the “regular” gym, but I again found that routine very boring and was eager to get back to CKO Kickboxing. Since July, I have lost 65 pounds, dropped 4 pant sizes, and gained enough muscle to do pushups the “right way.” LOL I am now confident enough to wear a bikini for the first time in 5 years! I owe many thanks to the great instructors who kept me motivated along the way and helped me get my confidence back.