Fitness in the Park

August 17, 2013
What happens when you combine a group of dedicated CKO Kickboxing faithfuls, the wonder of the NYC skyline, the beauty of Hoboken’s Pier A, and the type of weather that makes you wonder why you ever spend any time indoors? You get CKO Kickboxing’s Fitness in the Park. Hosted by Hoboken Madison & Hoboken Grand, the event is held once a year and is open to ALL residents of Hoboken, NJ.

This year brought together well over 80 people, and was DJ’ed by Nick Lancetti of CKO North Brunswick. Heavy bag racks were set up on the grounds and everybody was split into groups where multiple classes were taught by Susan Turner, Alex Santos, Lisa Michael and CKO Kickboxing CEO Joe Andreula.

This event beautifully sums up what CKO Kickboxing is about. As the evening air began to set in, and the remaining sunlight glistened off the CKO emblazoned heavy bags, it’s hard not to wonder why you would ever step into a “regular” gym again. THIS is what fitness should be about. Exciting, different, and done in a setting that fosters comoraderie and a strong sense of community. Why would you want to just go through the motions in a basic gym, when you can become part of something that you actually look forward to. Something that becomes one of the best hours of your day. CKO Kickboxing is about getting results. Not staying static or just maintaining your current fitness level… but elevating it, each and every day. The results speak for themselves. Take a look at our testimonial page to see just a small sampling of the incredible progress our members have made. And if you’re reading this and have never taken a class with us before, just ask a member their thoughts. Our members… our CKO Family, are truly our biggest advocates, and can tell you point-blank why you’ll never want to go anywhere else.