CKO Kickboxing, Fitness Franchise Controlling Their Growth

February 13, 2012
In order to meet the flow of out of state franchising demand, CKO Kickboxing has entered into an arrangement with FGP Commercial Leasing. FGP is a division of Franchise Growth Partners and specializes in tenant representation and real estate advisory services. 

Rich Rosso, CKO Kickboxing’s Director of Business Development, says “having a relationship with FGP will allow us to extend our reach across the country and be assured our franchisees will secure desirable locations, with favorable leases.” 

FGP Commercial leasing will be responsible for site selection, demographic evaluation, mapping, lease negotiations and legal review. Joe Andreula, CKO Kickboxing’s CEO, says “having an organization like FGP involved in the process, will allow us to successfully duplicate what we’ve done in New York and New Jersey across the country.”

“Our unique Fitness Franchise has been getting a lot of attention in the media and we are now qualifying candidates from all over the country. CKO Kickboxing is also receiving a record number of inquiries from New York & New Jersey, with territories on the verge of selling out.” Says Andreula

To receive additional information or qualify for CKO Kickboxing’s fitness franchise opportunity, contact Rich Rosso at 800-489-1964 or