Four Ways A New CKO Instructor Will Fire Up Your CKO Workout

January 9, 2019
CKO Trainers Posing Together

Just as you have your favorite brand of jeans or coffee concoction, you also have your favorites when it comes to working out; more specifically WHO works you out.

When you have your favorite things in life, the idea of straying from them is unthinkable. Why would you ever rock the boat? Why fix something that’s not broken?

Case in point: your favorite cardio kickboxing instructor. The one who, rest assured, will be there every Thursday at 7PM and every Saturday at 10AM to lead you through that badass gratifying 60 minutes. Knowing that your fave instructor is teaching immediately puts you at ease since you know what to expect from the workout she’s about to put you through.

That comfort is what keeps you coming back regularly, certifying your fitness class as a regular must-have part of your life’s routine. And with so much in life that’s unexpected, it’s nice to have something you can count on.

As much as being comfortable with your instructor keeps you scanning your gym key tag, being comfortable should not be your primary fitness goal. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to jumpstart your workout.



Think back to your first class, where everything was new, including your now favorite instructor. At that class and many to follow you were more focused on learning every strike and movement than anything else. Concentration was at the forefront of your brain, while everything else like endurance, speed and strength, came in time.

With every class you took, some things just started to come naturally. You know, more or less, what your instructor’s warm-up looks like or how tough she will be with ab work at the conclusion of the heart-pounding hour. You even know her voice, her tone, and her go-to mantras. 

With a new instructor, all of this goes away and you are forced to hit the reset button and, to a certain degree, start from scratch. Sure, you know each and every strike, but the uniqueness of this instructor, like any instructor, requires you to pay closer attention than usual. As your brain works harder to listen to the instructions, your body is working harder to keep up and fulfill each requested movement. Their style and the way they run their class can be a great new challenge for both your mind and your body.



Speaking of style, every instructor has their own. It’s more than just a different voice on the microphone, yelling out combos. Every instructor is completely unique in the way they run their classes. Different music, different combos, and, more than anything, a different perspective on the workout.

Some instructors’ styles will emphasize technique or speed. Some may focus on developing strength, while others on building endurance. And they may not even realize they are doing this; it’s simply their style.

The design of the class varies from instructor to instructor as well. One may choose to build upon their combos, adding a strike to it every 30 seconds or so. Another may include all parts of the combo up front, with no additions to it, and yell out a completely new combo each minute.

Being that there are countless ways to combine the strikes, kicks and calisthenics that constitute the CKO Kickboxing workout, your mind and body will always be challenged. A new style is just that extra icing on the cake.



Jab. Cross. Hook. Hook. Bag Push. No problem. You can do that in your sleep.

But this new instructor just demanded a Back Hand, Uppercut, Knee, Roundhouse from you. Umm, can you repeat that, please?

As mentioned, a new instructor means a new style. And that means new combos. So, any combos you’ve anticipated in the past may now be null and void this time around. That means an extra challenge for you.

You may be accustomed to push ups and jump squats between combos. So when the new instructor has you doing walking lunges around the perimeter with a 60 second wall sit thrown in, you feel a bit flustered.

The combos and calisthenics this new instructor incorporates into the workout will improve your performance and technique. You’ll work your lower body, upper body and core in new ways, giving truth to the phrase “hurts so good” the next day. And just think. You can use these combos in the attack rounds at your next class!



Most people incorporate fitness in their lives not to maintain the status quo, but to make a positive change. From weight loss to muscle strength to endurance, whatever the goal may be, doing the same workout over and over again inhibits continuous growth. Change only occurs when you do something different.

The key is a diversified workout, which CKO Kickboxing is specifically designed to be. You can, therefore, take classes from the same CKO Instructor for years and keep seeing progress. For an extra dose of challenge you can shake things up by trying out a new instructor.

The new style and combos that an instructor brings to the table can jumpstart change, like cracking a whip on your body and shocking it back to life.

You can no longer rely on your natural reactions and inclinations that you developed with every class you took from your favorite instructor. With a new instructor you’re going in blind. Not knowing what to expect leaves your body and mind unable to prepare and thus the adaptation process begins all over again. And your body is going to feel it.



For pondering minds, this is not a public service announcement telling you to ghost your favorite instructor. Not at all! Everyone has their favorites based on their own personal preferences. Finding an instructor that you connect with is invaluable. In fact, sometimes that instructor is the reason why your gym sessions are consistent.

Shaking up your workout with a new instructor will simply give you an opportunity to challenge yourself even further.

Think of it like this. Taking a new instructor’s class is like strengthening a muscle you never have before. And after all, isn’t that why you’re here?

You will return to your favorite instructor with reinstated goals, increased focus, enhanced skills, and feel reinvigorated as you propel your fitness journey forward.



* * *

Article written by Kimberly Oley, CKO Contributing Author and CKO Member since 2015!