My Favorite Place in the World

January 16, 2015
A new year and another CKO Kickboxing success story! In Danielle’s own words…

I never thought of myself as a heavy person but always knew I should lose some weight to be healthier. I found myself constantly looking for something to help me lose weight. I drove by CKO North Brunswick on my way to work every day and always wondered if it would help. I had tried every program to help me with weight loss (weight watchers, diet foods etc.) and I would lose some weight but I would always put it back on again. I finally decided to take a chance and scheduled my first CKO class in April 2013. I was hooked from day one and signed up immediately! The energy from the class was unbelievable, it was hard but I did not care! I knew I could take this class and have some fun! I came to class religiously and noticed little by little I was getting stronger, leaner and faster each time I came in; I was excited… was this actually going to work this time?

Then came the Ring! I got engaged in September of 2013 around the same time they were starting the 10 week challenge. I signed up! I was really motivated now. I started the challenge at 178 pounds and listened to every single thing Linda told me to do. I even did some personal nutrition counseling with her after the challenge was completed and religiously attended CKO classes where Nick and all of his trainers continued to push me. They know how to motivate and make you do one more push up or run a bit faster each class. I was constantly supported, motivated and cheered for during this whole process. A total of 43 pounds later and 5 CKO bags knocked down, I am now at my goal weight of 135 pounds. I feel amazing! I am strong, healthy and confident! To this very day, each class I take, I get stronger and develop strength throughout my whole body. There is a constant positive gain (whether it is physically, mentally or both) with CKO Kickboxing.

Walking in the front door of CKO truly changed my life; I am healthier, stronger and continuously excited to take another class at this gym. Nick and Linda and all of the North Brunswick trainers are so supportive, motivating and continuously improving their own skill set to ensure we are receiving the best training, the best advice and the best workout around. This is my favorite place in the whole world, and through this organization I have learned a truly invaluable lesson of healthy eating habits and perseverance to push on and work hard to reach my goals.