Strong, Lean and Confident!

We love when our members write us with their stories of success and inspiration. This particular story comes from CKO North Brunswick member Michelle.

Two years ago I saw myself as just a typical girl who ate whatever I pleased and maybe worked out if I felt up for it. Then, I found CKO North Brunswick and it officially changed my life! I’ve lost weight, gained muscle in all the right places, and more importantly I finally feel sexy and confident!

Of course, I’ve never in a million years saw myself punching or kicking a 130 pound bag. It sounds crazy, but after my first one-hour class, I couldn’t wait to come back and punch some more! From the large number of classes provided, to the fun fundraisers I get to participate in, I truly met some awesome people who have become family to me… especially the trainers! They endorse you with motivation, and are with you every step of the way; pushing you to your limits. Who wouldn’t love that?!

CKO Kickboxing is not like any other gym. Along with their kickboxing classes, CKO North Brunswick also offers personal training*, which I got involved with a few months ago. I have never felt more confident in my entire life thanks to Nick Lancetti! In the beginning, Nick wanted me doing all these crazy things like squats holding a medicine ball, push ups, weights, pad work, ropes… the list goes on and on! I looked at him like he was crazy, but he pushed me to my limits and I am now doing squats no problem, my punching has a lot more power, and my balance is on point. I am SO addicted… to the point where I get upset if I’m busy or too sore to take a class. It has officially become my second home, and I have no problem admitting it!

Two years ago I was just some typical girl. Today I am a strong, lean and confident woman, and I owe it all to CKO North Brunswick!


*Inquire with your local club to see if they offer personal training options.