Ready To Make A Change

April 3, 2014
The CKO Kickboxing “Ten Week Challenge” is the perfect way to jumpstart your journey to a fitter, healthier you. The regimen generates maximum results in a short amount of time, and the below testimonial is proof of the benefits one can achieve from the program.

In her own words…
I had completely given up on fitness and I could not tap into my mental state that said, “Just do it” anymore. I played sports most of my life, had gym memberships, and I even ran the Marine Corps and NYC Marathon. However, it all slowly changed after having children. My excuse was lack of time and energy. The gym was not motivating enough, especially after being discouraged time and time again with no real results. In addition to not exercising, I began skipping breakfast, ate processed sandwiches in popular coffee shops for lunch, and by the time I ate dinner, (after eating the kids leftovers) it was pretty late and close to bedtime. This went on for about six years. Then it all caught up to me when my yearly physical results insulted my psyche. My cholesterol was through the roof and that was my turning point. No energy, overweight, clothes no longer felt comfortable.. and now I was getting sick.

Feeling frustrated and defeated one sleepless night a few days after New Year’s, I surfed the web looking for a fitness solution or a diet plan. That’s when I came upon the website of CKO Kickboxing, and ever since then (really) I have taken charge of my body and health. On Monday, January 6th, 2014, I walked through the doors of CKO Kickboxing – Madison and attended the 10 Week Challenge program orientation with Joe Andreula. Needless to say, I joined on the spot. I was excited to be back in a healthy environment with people working towards the same goals. However, this time I had some help. Denise (trainer from CKO Madison) counseled me on nutrition and held me accountable by reviewing my weekly diet log to monitor, educate, and help me break my poor eating habits. Adam (also a trainer from CKO Madison) met me every Monday night for strength training in the weight room, and all the passionate instructors on the heavy bags yelling, “Attack, Attack, Attack!!” were my incentives to commit and stay focused. Where are we going to be in 100 years Mike?

So, I hit the ground running and began taking kickboxing classes five times a week. My muscles screeched every night. I was in pain, but the saying “If you’re not puking or dying, keep going”, taunted me and I just pushed through it, got in my car and kept showing up. I was tired, but focused. Exhausted, but empowered. Aching, but committed to change.

The results: In the 10 Week Challenge program, I lost 20 pounds, 8 % body fat, and my cholesterol dropped from 301 to 188 and is now under control. Amazing! Nothing in life is easy and we all know that. It is all about how much you are willing to work towards your goals to make it happen. I was ready to make a change and CKO Kickboxing guided me through it.

CKO Kickboxing made me realize that there is always time in the day to exercise. They also helped me figure out a realistic plan and schedule that worked for me. Successful people plan. Whether they are writers, actors, engineers, lawyers, or public speakers, they all map out how they will execute the plan, and sometimes that is half the battle. My 4th grade students ask me every few days, “Did you go to the gym again?” They were in with my plan, because we all wrote down our New Year Resolutions for class. The same way I wanted them to keep their promises, they wanted me to keep mine. I wanted to model what it means to stay committed, focused, and consistent. I just signed up for a year membership because now I want to reach new levels by incorporating weights and kickboxing as a lifestyle. Thank you CKO Madison!