*This blog entry has been re-posted with permission from Spiral Macaroni
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you’ve probably read the word “kickboxing” from one of my posts over the past couple weeks. That’s because I have an addiction.
I’m completely and utterly obsessed. It’s gotten so bad that it’s to the point to where today I didn’t make it back from the fabric sale in time and I missed the 5:30 class. I was a nervous wreck. I would have gone to the 7:00…but luckily my priorities still are intact and family still comes first. I am a wife and mother before anything else and I need to be there at the table for dinner and to give kisses goodnight on a regular basis. So kickboxing had to wait until tomorrow. So I’m doing a therapeutic exercise and blogging about it…..

But seriously, y’all…this kickboxing stuff is legit. No- this is not your typical class at the gym where you punch the air. This involves real heavy, 100lb bags for resistance where you are sweating, burning, sometimes bleeding, and feeling every muscle working. Every frustration you have is left on that bag, the trainers push you hard but also treat you like family, and you leave feeling energized.

I’m trimming down, loosing that winter hibernation fat, sleeping better, eating better, and I feel strong, cut, and solid. We were members at the YMCA (I walked my butt in there on Monday and canceled) but honestly every time I went in there I felt like I had no clue what to do. I was bored, unmotivated, and was begging inside to be pushed by someone…anyone. I wanted a relationship with people and was tired of just being a number.

Michael told me about CKO Kickboxing because he saw it driving by on shift many times at work.  I told him I  wanted something to get “chizzled-up” but I wanted it be “tough.”  Crossfit was not an option. Thanks to college sports, two shoulder surgeries, and extensive nerve damage….I really honestly just despise heavy weight lifting. I prefer to use my own body weight as resistance and am a sucker for anything that involves plyometrics and interval training! I need to get cardio and lean muscle strength training all at the same time. Ain’t nobody got time for running…..then lifting….then running again…no. Not happening with this busy mama.

I need it to burn. I need it to hurt. I need to sweat profusely (like my head is drenched type of sweating). Then I’m good. Then I’m done. I don’t need to sit at a gym and talk to friends in between sets or “check the score” on the TV while I wait for the next guy to get off my leg press machine.

If you’re looking for something to rev up your workout, check out CKO Kickboxing in Greenville! They offer a free week trial and once you’re there I promise you WILL BE ADDICTED. It’s more than just throwing kicks and punches at a heavy bag. The trainers incorporate extensive core work, legs, butt, and upper body. It is a total body workout that I would recommend to anyone. Young, old, star athlete, or a fresh contestant on the biggest loser. It’s for everyone!

I got Michael to go with me and he loves it too. Bennett has a blast when he goes to CKO Kids and I enjoy being part of the family there.

No matter what your fitness level, age, or gender you can benefit from kickboxing! The trainers here in Greenville always give you a ridiculous workout that you can follow at your own pace. I leave drenched and chompin’ at the bit for the next day’s workout!

Check out their website and Facebook page! I’d love to see you there! Make sure to tell them I sent you if you head that way!  Have a great weekend everyone! And as always, thanks for dropping in!