Never boring and always a blast!

May 1, 2013
*This testimonial is written by CKO North Brunswick, New Jersey member Barbara Brennan. She is a true testament to what CKO Kickboxing can do for you both physically and mentally!

Its funny, a few words from my daughter started me down this path. “Mom, I wanna check out kickboxing classes”. She is only 15 so I knew I would have to join along with her. I went online and signed us up. I will never forget that first day. I was so nervous that I almost turned around and drove home after seeing the building. I thought, “I’m 46 years old, overweight and so out of shape that I get winded from walking to the car”… but I forced myself to go in. That’s when I met Nick and Linda and immediately fell in love with the warm friendly atmosphere of their gym. Not gonna lie, that first class almost “killed” me but the whole time I was struggling, Nick kept saying “Go at your own pace, do what you can do today, and I promise you will be able to do more next time”.

This philosophy is what makes CKO work for me and I am sure many others. On Day One I couldn’t do a pushup and laughed at the idea of doing a burpee or any of the other challenging moves. Now I can do almost anything thrown out there. I might not be able to do it all, but I am getting stronger every day. This is an amazing accomplishment for me… the person who was never an athlete and always hated any form of exercise.

I’m feeling excited about the 40 pound weight loss, but am more excited about feeling stronger, leaner, sculpting some muscle and losing the remaining 30 pounds. The crazy thing about the CKO program is that you can always improve and always “do more” in every class. Never boring and always a blast!