My CKO Pregnancy

May 6, 2013
Stephanie is a true testament that just because you become pregnant, it does not mean you should stop your pre-pregnancy activity. Not only did Stephanie work out her entire pregnancy, her recovery time decreased, and she is dropping the pregnancy pounds quicky! We here at CKO Kickboxing, truly admire Stephanie for her dedication and willingness to share her story with all of you!

In Stephanie’s own words:
I joined CKO Kickboxing’s Franklin Location in July 2011 after my sister-in-law convinced me to go to a trial class. I instantly fell in love. I’ve always been into running and working out at the gym, but CKO Kickboxing was so different and refreshing! It cured my winter blues of running on a treadmill (snore) or using the elliptical for cardio. I was hooked and went at least 3 times a week. I noticed my cardio stamina increasing which resulted in longer runs with more endurance. I’ve always been a fast runner but never ran for distance. My sister and I ran a half marathon in April 2012 and finished in under 2 hours. I know CKO prepared me for the half marathon as I didn’t start training for it until March with some longer runs.

In July 2012 I got pregnant. I was so happy. But I told myself that I needed to keep working out as long as I felt good and resist the “eating for two” mentality. I scoured the internet for articles on working out while pregnant. I read numerous blogs. I told my OB about CKO Kickboxing and he said “go for it” and “listen to my body”.

First trimester morning sickness hit me hard. It was summer and the heat was brutal. I went to class and ran when I felt up for it. If I made it twice a week to class, I was victorious. Then second trimester came and I woke up a new woman! I was back! I amped up my running and going to class. I ran a 5k in October and felt great. Non-CKO peeps thought I was crazy. But I received so much support from the trainers and members! I continued with CKO Kickboxing until the end of my 8th month when sleep deprivation got the best of me. I began maternity leave in mid-February and thought I should try the low impact class. Darlene from CKO Franklin joked that I better not deliver in class. I took a few classes with her before delivering my daughter on March 2nd via an unplanned c-section.

I got the green light to go back to my workouts two weeks post c-section with ab restrictions. Knowing myself and realizing that I would probably push more than I should, I gave myself another week to recover and returned to CKO Kickboxing three weeks after delivering. The first few weeks back were rough and I felt weak. By the sixth week post partum, I was permitted to start core work. Every week has gotten easier and my core is getting stronger and I’m enjoying being back. I’ve learned that pregnancy is not the time to stop working out. It’s a time to find new goals and work within your limits. You will need the stamina and stenghth to carry that pregnancy to the end. I was fortunate to have a healthy pregnancy that allowed me to continue to be active. I believe that going to CKO Kickboxing made my pregnancy such a pleasure and warded off those extra preggo pounds, complaints and kept my spirits up! Thanks to all the love and support I’ve received. CKO Kickboxing is the best!