Size 14 to a Size 6

May 15, 2013
There are no quick fixes to losing weight, and Janice (a member at CKO Great Kills) can certainly attest to that. Over Janice’s two years at CKO Kickboxing, she has not only learned the importance of exercise, but how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here is Janice, in her own words:
Two years ago this month I set out to change my life. To change my way of eating, exercising and learning to just live a healthy lifestyle. I was always a little “chubby”, and even more so after the birth of my three boys. It was time for a change. I walked into CKO Kickboxing’s Great Kills Location not knowing what to expect. When Nick Orlando (the owner of Great Kills) went over the punches and kicks before class, I was immediately intrigued. My first class was all it took to get hooked! I weighed my heaviest when I first walked into CKO Kickboxing. 187 pounds and a size 14. This month is my two year anniversary, and I’m proud to say that I’m down to 140 pounds and a size 6! I’ve gone up and down that scale ladder, and I’ve learned all about maintaining my weight (which is harder than actually losing the initial weight) and at one point I was down to 133 pounds. So overall, 54 pounds down and still going strong. CKO Kickboxing has changed my life and I can only go up from here!