Transformation of Body and Mind

January 27, 2015
This inspiring testimonial comes to us from CKO North Brunswick member, Marc Rios. Congratulations Marc on your incredible achievements thus far. Keep up the great work!

In Marc’s own words…
For most of my life I have struggled with my weight. From around the age of ten, I was overweight with bouts of semi-fitness. While in high school, I was moderately involved in sports but never really considered myself an athlete. Once I graduated, my struggles only became more apparent and haphazard. I would cut weight and then balloon back up, most of the time ending up heavier than my starting weights. I followed fad diets, trained hard and even completed several marathons, but never really stuck with any of the work. I used the excuses that everyone always hears. I had my job, two children at home, and night school that filled my time. There was just no time to work out and take care of myself. The years just started to fly by, and the next thing I knew I was 37 years old and nearly 270 pounds. It took being denied the ability to donate blood, to wake me up to realize my health was in jeopardy. I decided it was time for a change.

In July 2013, I was recommended to try CKO North Brunswick to help kick start my training for the upcoming NYC Marathon. I was training pretty regularly, but just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I had constant pain in my lower back, my knees, and my ankles. I knew my weight was causing all of these issues so I figured I would give it a shot. Walking into the gym for the first time was intimidating. Everyone in the gym looked fit and controlled and I thought I was out of my league. Instead, what I found was a great trainer who recognized my concerns and worked with me. I followed his instructions, paced myself as best I could, and by the time I was finished with class, I was hooked. From then on, I dedicated myself to changing my life. I start attending several classes a week. The trainers were amazing, no two workouts were the same, and I was never bored or stuck in a rut. While the weight came off, which was great, the best part was how fit I felt for the first time in my life. I felt stronger and healthier. I had more energy and stamina than I’d ever had before, and the pains in my joints and back went away. Suddenly, I could see changes in my physique in the mirror. By November, I was strong enough to complete the New York City Marathon with my personal best time.

By January, I took the next step and joined the Ten Week Challenge. This proved to be just as important in my training. Adding the nutritional guidance I received, I was able to take my efforts to a new level. The weight kept coming off and my diet was fueling me with new energy. I revamped my diet, adding healthier options and eliminating so many poor food choices. The result, simply put, was being in the best shape of my life. In these last eight months, I have lost 72 pounds, 10 inches off my waist, and transformed my body and mind. I weigh less now than I did at my high school graduation. I am strong enough now to run 40+ miles per week, Spin three days a week, and still take 5 classes a week at CKO Kickboxing.

While I haven’t finished my work, these milestones just help to fuel my overall goal; a healthy and fit way of life, strong maintenance of my body and smart choices in diet. CKO Kickboxing has changed my life.  The gym, the trainers and my fellow members have changed my life and given me back a healthy outlook and lifestyle.