give the gift of cko

Giving The Gift of CKO

December 3, 2019

Gift giving season has arrived. No doubt Black Friday has you wiped. If you decided to stay in bed that day and refrained from online shopping, there’s much to be done. So here you are left scrambling. Putting together a list of who to buy for, pondering what they may want and googling around for the best deals.

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CKO Kid Boxing

Delivering Fun And Finding Purpose

October 15, 2019

Welcoming a new child into the world is pretty amazing. There’s not much in life that can top it. However, women bring more than just a newborn home. There’s a new body in tow as well. Fara McNeil knows this well. Back in 2015, after having her third child, she experienced what so many women […]

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CKO Kid Boxing

Kids… They Knock It Out Too.

October 1, 2019

Today’s world is vastly different. Now, with social media and video games, lack of gym class and reduced recess time, and the upswing in helicopter parenting, kids are sitting more and connecting less. Luckily, CKO has some information and a program to help. Read on for more information!

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Adopt a pig, change matters...

Finding a Way to Cope (Sometimes Involves A Pig.)

September 26, 2019

Life, as we know, is full of ups and downs. And so, when life throws us a curve ball that we wish did not fall at our feet, to get through these struggles we have to find a way to cope. Exercise really is the best medicine…and sometimes a piggy bank helps too!

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