Giving The Gift of CKO

December 3, 2019
give the gift of cko

Gift-giving season has arrived. No doubt Black Friday has you wiped. If you decided to stay in bed that day and refrained from online shopping, there’s much to be done. So here you are left scrambling. Putting together a list of who to buy for, pondering what they may want and googling around for the best deals.

Hmmm…They already have the Instant Pot. So that’s a no-go. Disney Plus? No, that’s for the kids. A Yeti cooler? Ha! They wish!

So what’s to get?

You want to give something meaningful, useful and not crazy expensive. Like a stocking stuffer type item, but one to be cherished.

With the holidays sure to pack on a few pounds (no judgement…we’re feeling it already!), the gift of health is always a good go-to. Getting in shape, losing weight and eating better have consistently ranked as the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. It’s no wonder either. The New Year represents a time for change, betterment, a fresh start, if you will. So what better way to make a change than from the inside out.

All CKO Kickboxing gyms have long offered their CKO Triple Play to prospective members. Three CKO classes plus CKO gloves for just $20 to $30. You actually may be a CKO Kickboxing member because of that deal!

These days, boxing gloves start at $20 and many fitness classes are upwards of $30. And that’s for just one single class. With the CKO Triple Play offering three classes for a mere Andrew Jackson, it’s well worth it. For many CKO members, all they need is that initial class to get hooked. But for some, they require a couple of classes to get into their groove and feel their comfort levels rise.

Not only are you able to give the gift of CKO to those lucky ones on the receiving end, but you can experience it right along with them. Attend those three classes as well. Serve as a source of encouragement. So much craziness accompanies the holidays and thus plans to “get together” are so often put on hold until January. The CKO Triple Play is a way to solidify plans with your loved ones.

You never know. They may be the ones getting YOU back to the gym once the New Year hits.

It’s everything you’re looking for – meaningful (hello, this is their health you’re talking about!), useful (yup!), and at $19.99, the price is right! That Yeti is looking less and less attractive, huh?!

The end of each year brings about thoughts of giving and sharing. What better gift to share with your friends and family than the gift that you gave yourself when you joined CKO. The gift of community, health, strength and empowerment…all stemming from this phenomenal workout we call CKO. So if your loved ones need, want or could benefit from a gift that enlivens their mental, social and physical health, you can give them all three with a CKO Triple Play.

Contact your CKO Kickboxing Gym to purchase a CKO Triple Play Today!


Kimberly Oley is a self-employed content writer and strategist who began as Contributing CKO Author in 2018.